How Eyelash Extensions Create an Incredibly Natural Look for Brides

How Eyelash Extensions Create an Incredibly Natural Look for Brides

The development of techniques in the cosmetics world has influenced women’s innovation in their care practices. New trends have started to be applied especially in bridal makeup. One of these new techniques is natural eyelash extensions. It is not a fake eyelash. It is a very different application. It is an eyelash application that maintains its effect for 6 to 8 weeks. It is a make-up application that looks 100% natural and indistinguishable from real. It is especially done with bridal makeup and it can be made in different ways according to the makeup situation.

How Eyelash Extensions Create an Incredibly Natural Look for Brides
How Eyelash Extensions Create an Incredibly Natural Look for Brides

How long do eyelash extensions last?

It all depends on where and how you get it done. Since this application is a very sensitive process, it must be performed by experts. Do not do it in cheap and poor quality beauty care centers. Normally, natural eyelash extensions last 6 to 8 weeks. Face shape, bone structure, and eyelash structure according to the different process is done. Not everyone gets the same process. After doing this, you should pay attention to your eyelash care. You should do eyelash care according to the expert’s recommendations. Thus, it can maintain its naturalness as the first day. It loses its naturalness after 8 weeks. The usage time depends on the number of eyelashes, the care and the way they are made. But on average you can use 1-2 months.

Eyelash extensions price

In order to make this process a trend among women in recent years, you should definitely choose a quality and experienced lash salon. The materials and adhesives used by some salons are very high quality indeed. Therefore, 100% natural appearance is already provided. The price of eyelash extensions is a bit expensive. Because the process is difficult. 70-80 eyelashes are used for each eye. So you can pay between 100 and 500 USD on average for 150-160 lashes in total. If you need a little more eyelashes after the procedure, you can add more for $ 50 -70. Prices vary by region, salon, and quality. But the market average is like this.

Wedding eyelash extensions

As you know, wedding makeup is the most important process for the bride. It is planned weeks ahead and special applications are made for it. The wedding dress she will wear, the place where the wedding will be held and even the bridal makeup will be done according to the season. One of the applications brides want most is wedding eyelash extensions. You should have it done at least 3 weeks before the wedding. It shows exactly the effect until the wedding day. You have to decide with the expert all the details of how it will be. You should definitely get expert advice. If you can tell her what your bridal makeup will be like and what kind of wedding dress you will wear, you can be sure to recommend eyelash extensions that are best suited for you. For this special day, you should work with a professional.

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