4 Tips to Perfect Your Minimalist Wedding

Simple Elegance: 4 Tips to Perfect Your Minimalist Wedding

Simple Elegance: 4 Tips to Perfect Your Minimalist Wedding

It might be hard to imagine a low-cost wedding, but the reality is that it is possible. There is no need to break the bank as long as you are modest. The following are four tips to help you pull off a great, minimalist wedding.

One aspect of a wedding that could be a significant amount of money are the decorations. Thankfully, a minimalist wedding does not need many decorations. What you can do is find one or two accent colors and have it pop sprinkled throughout neutral colors. This could be gold sprinkled through ivory and black.  Which should offer the clean aesthetics you were hoping for. For example, instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on a wedding cake that looks fancy, but doesn’t taste good you can opt for a minimalist cake. Costco has All American round chocolate cakes. You can ask the bakery to frost it with white buttercream. Top it with flowers or gold leafing for an affordable, delicious, minimalist hit.

Eating Well
Making sure that your guests enjoy the food served and are stunned by it is probably something all couples worry about. If you rather skip a full meal and do hors d’oeurves consider an arrangement of cheeses, fruit, and wine. Limit the menu to a couple of favorites. You can also have a full menu and even if the food isn’t minimalist you can have a minimalist graphic designed aesthetic to your menu.

4 Tips to Perfect Your Minimalist Wedding
4 Tips to Perfect Your Minimalist Wedding

Tux and Dress
The tux and the wedding dress that is going to be worn at this event needs to be reexamined. Some brides try to wear something elaborate, meaning it is going to end up costing a lot. You do not have to do this; try your best to consider a modest white dress and tux. Go for a classic silhouette that will look stylish and keep the focus on your faces. Doing this should keep your expenses low and show your guests just how lovely a simplistic wedding can be.

Hair and Make Up
The next thing you may want to reconsider is your hair and make-up. If you’re opting for a minimalist wedding chances are you’re not going to bake, contour, and go full glam. You can look amazing without having to cake it on if you don’t want to.  If you don’t need full coverage foundation a CC cream may be your friend. Opt for a nude lip, strong liner and neutral eyeshadow. For your hair opt for a twisted pony to an undone chignon. A slicked back pony is a classic. You can always add a touch of whimsy to a clean look with some baby breath and of course, a simple veil.

Hopefully, some of these suggestions are easy enough to incorporate into your wedding. Sure, it may seem unorthodox, but you are going to end up saving a lot of money, and every young couple needs a good financial start.

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