Luxury Wedding Guide for Broke Millennials

Luxury Wedding Guide for Broke Millennials

Luxury Wedding Guide for Broke Millennials

These days, every couple getting hitched is looking to one-up the previous wedding they’ve been to. Each ceremony is bigger, more luxurious and royal than the previous. But let’s be real: you’re a broke millennial couple and you are barely making ends meet: spending hundreds of thousands of dollars isn’t anywhere on your list, so what should you do? Don’t worry – you don’t actually have to put in a small fortune to have your dream wedding, all you need is these nifty tips:

Give yourself enough time

There’s always something that you have to invest, and if it’s not going to be money, then it’s going to be your time and effort. So when you’re setting the date, make sure you leave yourself enough time to make the preparations. Speaking of dates, choosing a less popular time of the year, like late autumn and winter, will mean a cheaper price for the venue. Make sure you make a timetable of all the things you want to get done before the big day and factor in your day job and anything else that will be taking time away from your wedding prep.

Don’t be shy

This is not the time to pull back on asking for favors. Have your friends and family help you out in any way they can, whether it’s a cousin who is a whiz at baking who can make you the cake, your bridesmaids who will sit up with you one night packing up all of the invitations or your aunt who will give you her old wedding dress. You can plan on having a box for envelopes at the wedding to help pay for the ordeal, but some might consider that tasteless, and they’ll be much more happy to help you ahead of time, since they will feel like they are an intimate part of the entire wedding process.

Luxury Wedding Guide for Broke Millennials

Spend on a statement

A wedding where you’ve spend an average amount of money on everything will be just that: average. But if you cut back on some parts and bring it in for one statement piece, whether it’s your dress, a cake or something else, you will wow everyone, and they won’t mind at all that there aren’t satin covers on the chairs. A friend who was getting married in Sydney had the most brilliant idea and arrived to her wedding, and later to the party, in a Queen Street Wedding & Car Hire Rolls Royce. Everyone’s jaw dropped and it was the entire talk of the night. Nobody even mentioned that there wasn’t a live band or any bubbly served up.

Luxury Wedding Guide for Broke Millennials
Luxury Wedding Guide for Broke Millennials

Go chic & trendy

Looking chic is an easy way to make something look luxurious on a budget. Let your bridesmaids and groomsmen dress themselves from their own selection, just giving them a theme, such as a color or a time period. Have your wedding in an empty warehouse and let drapes hang down the walls to give it an oriental feel. Invite guests to write something on the wall in chalk and take a photograph to have as a memento and as décor. Don’t spend a hundred dollars on a bouquet, but ask every guest to bring a single flower and put the bouquet together on the spot. Make something fun and different: remember that luxury isn’t just crystal chandeliers and golden utensils anymore.

Having a big, beautiful wedding is any bride’s dream, but you shouldn’t lose sight of what’s really important that day: your family, friends and your significant other. Make sure you are all having a great time and everything else will fall into place whether you have a six-figure budget or a four-figure one.

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