5 Ethical Wedding Ideas for the Conscious Bride

5 Ethical Wedding Ideas for the Conscious Bride

5 Ethical Wedding Ideas for the Conscious Bride

Named the most ethically “aware” generation, Generation Zers have made no secret of their inclination towards environmental branding and beliefs. Along with this shift towards a lifestyle based on morals, new-age brides desire ethical ideas they can implement on their wedding day so that they can tie the knot in the same fashion. Their outlook also means that sustainable bridal brands are popping up everywhere to meet the needs of this increasingly demanding consumer.

In this blog post, we dismiss the obvious ideas — such as opting for an outdoor wedding to save energy — to discuss the lesser-known tricks and tips for a sustainable yet stylish union.

  1. Host a Charity Bachelorette

When most people think of creating a sustainable wedding, they focus on the physical occasion. The truth is, we spend a lot of time and effort on activities that surround the date, like our honeymoon, hen party, or cultural preparation. In fact, in Indian culture, the various ceremonies prior to the wedding date almost succeed the main celebration, with different days like the Haldi ceremony, the Mehendi ceremony, and the pre-wedding poojas given so much importance. Don’t overlook the small stuff, as with the right perspective, the entire process is an opportunity for change.

Instead of partying in the traditional manner before the big day, choose to celebrate a local charity or a cause that you care about. This can be done in a number of ways, but, most popularly, a group of friends will often get involved in a sponsored sports event. Doing this not only donates the large sum of money usually spent on drinks to a good cause, but it’s also a fun activity for hens to do together.

Pick out Paper Accessories

This next tip is a small but simple gesture to do your bit for the planet. Switching out plastic drink straws for biodegradable alternatives is a subtle way to inject a conscious feel to the event. This is also a tangible reminder for your guests that your wedding is ethical and has been carefully considered at each step of the planning process.

Ditching the plastic straw is trending across a range of sectors and is being seen in events where excess amounts are traditionally used. There should be plenty of celebration on your wedding day — this way, you can do so completely guilt-free. Celebrate with ease as your friends and family sip on a conscious cocktail garnished with straws that are fully compostable and biodegradable.

Dress to Ethically Impress

Perhaps one of the most worthwhile investments of the entire wedding planning process is picking the bridal dress. This garment will no doubt be kept for a lifetime and feature in all of your wedding photographs as the most significant outfit you are likely to wear.

It makes perfect sense for a conscious bride to source an ethical dress, and there are plenty to choose from across the globe. From London to California, there are a whole host of mindful designers who produce conflict-free wedding dresses. What’s more, these recycled retailers often allow the bride to custom design their wedding dress, which gives the experience a luxurious edge that is not often associated with ethical efforts.

Provide a Plant-Based Menu

The finer details of your wedding day should be observed to ensure that no guest is left offended or confused. For a truly ethical wedding, make sure you have vetted all of your suppliers, including the caterers. Where possible, you should pick food suppliers that support local farms and ethical practices.

To go one step further, we recommend providing a plant-based menu for your guest list. Sticking solely to the veggies is a feel-good fashion that is trending in wedding dining right now. In 2017, British fashion magazine Vogue named vegan food its top wedding trend.

Find out About Fairtrade Rings

If you want to practice being ethical for the long term, do your research about fairtrade rings. This symbol of lifetime commitment can carry connotations of conflict if you’re not careful.

From selecting recycled or fairtrade gold to finding out about how diamonds are sourced, you can avoid purchasing a ring that is produced in an unethical manner. A number of Green Certified companies that promise to give back to the community in some way offer wedding and engagement rings. Not only do they surprisingly come in various styles and sizes, but ethical wedding rings are also unique in comparison to the generic designs often seen in department stores.

5 Ethical Wedding Ideas for the Conscious Bride

Adam Middleton became the Business Development Manager for Takeaway Packaging after a varied career in PR, shipping, and marketing within the packing industry. With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and a Master’s in International Marketing, Adam has a keen interest in the environmental impact of consumerism.

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