A Gem Can Mean So Much!

A Gem Can Mean So Much!

A Gem Can Mean So Much!

Choosing jewelry is not an easy task. You have to take into consideration your budget, the type of jewelry you want to purchase, and what you want to say with your gift. Each gem stone can be associated with a specific feeling or emotion. Before you purchase any piece of jewelry it can help to understand what gem will represent your true feelings and desires. It’s important to know what a diamond ring might indicate before you give one as a present!

Learn more about some of the most popular gems and purchase the perfect pieces to fill their luxury wood jewelry boxes . The perfect gift is never forgotten and always appreciated!


Those born in April may consider themselves lucky since the diamond is their traditional birthstone. Not all diamonds are created equal! If you have ever shopped for a diamond you understand that cut, clarity, and size have a large impact on price. Something you may not know is that color can also be found in diamond variations. Pale pinks, oranges, yellows, and even browns can give your diamond a slight variation from the traditional clear gem. Speaking of tradition, many people associate diamonds with engagement rings or wedding bands. Although this is a true assumption, diamond earrings and necklaces are also a popular sign of love and devotion.


Green can be a symbol of spring or renewal. For many people the green of an emerald symbolizes love, harmony, and the earth. The hues of an emerald can vary and those variations have a large impact on price. A bracelet, earrings, necklace, or ring with an emerald can be given to a recipient if you wish to express you love or even the renewal of a relationship. If your sweetie was born in May she may appreciate a gift with her emerald birth stone.

A Gem Can Mean So Much!
A Gem Can Mean So Much!


As a culture, we associate love and passion with the color red. The Ruby and the sapphire are one part of the one of the hardest minerals on Earth, the mineral corundum. The red Ruby is the birthday stone for the month of July and has also been associated with 40th wedding anniversary gifts. The ruby is the ultimate gem to symbolize love, passion, and devotion. Make sure you want to relay these feeling before you give a ruby necklace, ring, or earrings!


As mentioned above, the sapphire is part of the family of one of the hardest minerals on earth. The sapphire can range in shades of blue from deep rich hues to light, almost transparent hues. Many people view the color blue to symbolize sympathy, friendship, harmony, and loyalty. A gift of a sapphire can relate these feeling to the person you are gifting. In some cultures, an engagement ring would include a sapphire since it can express deep signs of loyalty.


The amethyst, the birth stone for February, is also found in a wide variety of hues. Some believe the stone can symbolize protection, peace, and even tranquility. The gorgeous shade of purple adds a subtle, yet greatly appreciated sincerity to any jewelry piece.

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