Bridal Beauty: Finding the Dress for Your Special Day

Bridal Beauty: Finding the Dress for Your Special Day

Bridal Beauty: Finding the Dress for Your Special Day

You can’t walk down the aisle without a wedding dress. However, it might seem a bit daunting to sift through thousands and thousands of options. Here are just a few tips for narrowing things down and finding a dress that suits you.

Get Inspired
If you aren’t sure what kind of dress that you’d like, it can help to create lists, collages, scrapbooks and image galleries of different gowns. You can do this manually with magazine clippings or digitally with online pin boards. Once you have a selection of dresses that caught your eye in some way, you can start narrowing down what they have in common and what features that you might like to replicate in your own gown. If you’re open to pretty much anything, finding things you don’t like can also be a good idea. This can give you a starting point to help you craft your ideal look for the big day.

Think About Cuts, Colors and Fabrics

Not all wedding dresses are long and white. Some are short and stylish for casual brides, and others might be made with different materials to accommodate wind, snow, sun or heat during outdoor weddings. There are also wedding dresses available in every color under the sun. While the most popular choices are pale pastels like pink, coral and light blue, there are also bold, dramatic wedding dresses available in gothic blacks and stunning crimsons. The important thing to remember is this day is for you. Finding something that will make you feel confident and beautiful is the goal.

Consider Specialty Shops

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in big-name bridal boutiques, you might have better luck with smaller, more independent retailers. There are shops that specialize in everything from Asian-inspired cheongsam dresses to modest white wedding gowns for more conservative brides. If you have personal, cultural or religious preferences for your dress, consider looking into niche shops like Modest White Dress. They might suit your aesthetics better than something in contemporary bridal magazines.

Bridal Beauty: Finding the Dress for Your Special Day
Bridal Beauty: Finding the Dress for Your Special Day

Don’t Be Afraid of Alterations

Some women get lucky with a dress that suits them perfectly right off the rack. A lot of brides, however, need to have their dresses tailored in some way. Maybe the bust isn’t big enough, or maybe the hem needs to be lengthened. Maybe the embroidery on the sleeves isn’t your cup of tea. It’s okay to have your dress altered and adjusted if it isn’t quite right. Changing the little details can help you feel perfect in the dress as well as add something unique to your look.

It might take time to find the perfect wedding dress for your big day, but that’s why you start early. You shouldn’t have to compromise your vision for one of the most important events in your life. Be choosy and keep searching until you stumble across the gown that makes you think, “That’s it!”

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