Understanding Your Body Shape and Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Apples and Pears: Understanding Your Body Shape and Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

As a bride-to-be, you’ll no doubt want to find the perfect dress that fits and looks sensational.

However, finding “the one” can often be a difficult and stressful process, particularly if you have no idea of what style will suit you and what dress you’re looking for.

However, by understanding your body shape and what will flatter your figure, you can find a dress that not only feels great but looks stunning too.
Apple Shapes

An apple shaped woman is normally defined as carrying weight around their midriff, so they may have fuller breasts, rounder hips and bum and a squidgy tummy. In these cases, it’s important that the dress brings your waist in, and an empire-line dress will do this perfectly. Equally, a ball gown will help to give you a waist while hiding all of the bigger areas that you may not as confident about. If you are concerned about hiding these areas, there are a number of plus size ranges designed specifically to do this!
Avoid any dresses that will draw attention to your waist, i.e. basque or princess-line dresses. Anything that cuts into your shoulders (i.e. spaghetti straps) should also be avoided as should sheath dresses.
Pear Shapes

These types of figures will normally have slender tops and bigger bottoms with the shoulders being narrower than the hips. If this is you, you should draw attention to the better half of your body: your bust and your stomach. A princess style dress will do wonders here as this will accentuate your slim upper body while hiding your fuller hips. Strapless dresses are also great as are empire-line dresses.
Try to avoid mermaid-style or trumpet dresses as well as sheaths, as these will bring the attention down to your bottom!
Hourglass Shapes

You’ll have a defined waist and a top and bottom half that are balanced beautifully when you’re an hourglass shape, so make the most of your assets! A lot of experts will say most dresses suit this style of body but it’s still recommended to opt for a dress that accentuates your waist. An hourglass figure is enhanced wonderfully by two-piece dresses or corset dresses. A trumpet dress is ideal for those with a fuller figure while bodices and sweetheart necklines are great for enhancing your fuller bust.
Try to avoid adding weight to either half of your body because your shoulders and hips are balanced. Therefore, ball gowns and empire-line silhouettes should be avoided.
Petite Shapes

If you’ve got a tiny frame and you’re 5’1” or under, you’ll need to find a dress that maximizes on your beautiful petite body. Something simple and understated is ideal, like a sheath, as this will elongate your body. Avoid anything with too much fabric that breaks up the length of the dress and makes you look shorter.
Anything big and elaborate like a mermaid dress of ball gown can swamp you and you may look like the dress is wearing you instead of the other way round! Petite brides also look good in a-line dresses that are narrow and flowing.

Debra Lane has worked in a bridal boutique for many years and has seen many soon-to-be brides pass through her doors. Her articles focus on wedding outfits, how to find the perfect one plus shopping for the accessories.

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