2019 Wedding trends to help you organize the best wedding

2019 Wedding trends to help you organize the best wedding

Trends tend to shift, change and simply evolve throughout the years. Making your special day stand out from the cliché look and organize it utterly flabbergasting and different is not such a hard thing to do. In 2019 numerous trends suggest being vivacious and genuine and doing your best to express your character and ingenuity. However, even the most creative brides and grooms need a little bit of push and some ideas before they start off planning their big day. The trends in 2019 will help you boost up your decor, floral and fashion components, food, and other items in order to make your special day a memorable event. And here are the trends that will help you organize it.

2019 Wedding trends to help you organize the best wedding
2019 Wedding trends to help you organize the best wedding

The vintage glory

There is something sweet and sophisticated when you have your wedding following the traditional aspects. Not only in means of religion, but in means of pushing the limits of mundane and going for something extraordinary. And nothing is more extraordinary than adding a touch of vintage grace. Place golden tablecloths accompanied with pure crystal glasses, marble dinnerware, and prestige cutlery. As a décor, it would be quite riveting and chic to place vivid orchids as centerpieces or rustic candle holders with wide white candles. This trend is everlasting, but in 2019 it represents a more elegant touch of old-class chic.

Let there be colors

The color of the year 2019 is living coral according to Pantone, and this timid, pastel, pinkish color will suit any wedding theme due to its soothing notion. However, another wedding trend this year suggest spicing up the ambient with a few colors. Think sparkly multi colored entrance, or welcome the cake with interesting colorful smoke bombs. Smoke bombs in various colors will leave a cloud of dreamy pigment which will make every guest drop their jaws in amazement. Plus, a rainbow cake or any other that doesn’t incorporate mundane and tedious one, is surely going to give out the impression that you have organized a truly one-of-a-kind wedding.

Keep it simple

No matter the budget, weather, taste or other elements, when organizing a wedding one thing will continue to prevail throughout 2019 is the pull towards refined elegance. The best way to achieve that is by keeping things simple. Stick with classic aesthetics, go for minimal décor, lush flowers, pure white cake, and airy color palette. Therefore, you need to find skillful wedding photographers who would meticulously capture every single moment of your graceful event. You may even want to spend more money one having unique and exquisite photos done by a professional photographer, and maybe save the budget on keeping the décor minimalist.

Swank food boards

Throughout the years there has been innumerable shifts and changes when it came to present food. Food carts used to be extremely popular, then the separate food tables and so on. The classical buffet serving option still remains useful and quite profitable, but in 2019 get prepared for a whole new way of serving food. Stylish food boards. Everything is out on the open from finger food delights to new juicy and creative ways of presenting the appetizers. Tastefully arranged foods represent an exclusive way of presenting food, which is undoubtedly going to be a long-lasting trend.

Gentle ambiance

Many brides (rarely grooms) from the start of the wedding-planning process exactly know the décor and topic of the wedding. However, staying stress-free when planning a wedding is a hard thing to do, especially when the 2019 trends suggest more gentle and timid décor (unlike the bride wanted). Nevertheless, this year instead of bold disco lighting opt for timider tall candles that add an unexpected theatrical flair that is to die for. Or integrate organic greenery elements like adding marvelous foliage centerpieces alongside a pop of metallic. In the end, accentuate the trend with elements of clear glass and simple tablescape designs.

The balloon party

Believe it or not, balloons are no longer only for kids’ parties, on the contrary, they can be implemented in the wedding décor so gorgeously that you will be absolutely wowed. Nowadays, balloon walls are the new flower walls. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and they will easily fit any wedding theme and totally rock it. Furthermore, big white helium-filled balloons can be used as a funky photo backdrop, or simply as a nice attachment to the dessert table.

Empirical music

DJ or live band? Why not both? When it comes to choosing the best music for the wedding, the new trends in 2019 suggest choosing original artists with high-energy accompaniment. Meaning you should hire a DJ to set the atmosphere as the guests arrive and enjoy in chill cocktails, then opt for fun and energetic live bend or some other riveting musicians that will make the whole wedding bust some moves. So, get the best of both worlds!

Some things will remain utterly your free choice. The dress, the venue, the cake, but as long as you plan everything together you will surely have a splendid wedding.

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