Must have surprise bridal gifts for your bridal party

Must have surprise bridal gifts for your bridal party

Must have surprise bridal gifts for your bridal party

Yay! It’s the time to start a new phase of your life, and no one could be happier for you more than your bridal party. We surely don’t need to remind you that your girlfriends have stood by your side with rock-solid support during thick and thin.

From guest lists to wedding venues in Sydney, they helped you out with every minor-major detail. Now that it’s your wedding day let’s do something exciting to melt their hearts away. To show your girls how much you love them and how they will still be a significant part of your married life, here are some brilliant bridal gift ideas you must consider for you girls!

Box of beauty

Who doesn’t love to wake up to a bag full of aromatic and organic beauty and skincare products? Prepare a customised skincare box of beauty depending on all your bridesmaids’ skin types. This will give a personalised touch to every box of beauty as it will be specially curated for every person and will also help them glow on your D- Day.

A gift basket

Create a special goodies box with various chocolates, chips, and one unique thing which the bridesmaid loves most. Keep the elements of the basket the same for every person, except for that distinctive element which will differentiate all the baskets.

Luxe robes

Haven’t you dreamed of getting photographed with your bridesmaids in luxe robes with lots of champagne in a 5-star hotel room? If yes, then this is how you can make it happen. Give every bridesmaid a luxury robe with something sassy written on the back unique to them.

Must have surprise bridal gifts for your bridal party
Must have surprise bridal gifts for your bridal party

Makeup and glow

Since they will be needing makeup for your wedding day, help them look fresh by preparing a small makeup kit with some classy eyeshadows, lip shades, and don’t forget the highlighters!

Tickets to a movie

Is there a movie coming up which you all girls have been eagerly waiting for? Surprise your girls by taking them on a special movie outing which they will surely enjoy. Don’t forget the snacks.

Shoes she would love

As wedding favours for your girls, why not get personalised shoes made or get shoes customised? All girls love shoes, and this would be a memorable one for them. Since the wedding day could be hectic, gift them these favours for some other function in future.

All natural soaps

To keep their skin hydrated and supple for your big day, gift them a basket of aromatic all-natural soaps. Soaps are in trend these days, your girls will love this particular gift.

The best bridesmaids mugs

To honour the efforts of all your bridesmaids and make your wedding a memorable affair, give them a personalised best bridesmaids mug which will remind them of you every day. He he..

Your best picture framed

It’s not possible that a girl who is supposed to be your bridesmaid does not have a beautiful picture with you. Take a special picture with all your bridesmaids and get them framed with a cute caption defining why they are special to you. Undoubtedly, they will love this favour.

A spa date with the gang

Because you all have been so busy with the wedding preparations, you hardly have had time to bond. Take some time out before your wedding and take them to a spa date to relax and rejuvenate. What can be better than bonding over body massages?!

Don’t waste any more time and get started on these brilliant killer ideas and make your girls the happiest bridesmaids ever.

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