Most Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in the World

Most Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in the World

5 of the Most Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas Worldwide

Our choices in order:

  1. Fondudes – New York City
  2. Chocolate Ecstasy Tours – London
  3. Eatwith – Tel Aviv
  4. Lucia & Gerry – Buenos Aires
  5. Sydney Trapeze School – Sydney

As a modern bride, the course of action leading up to your vow exchange comprises three primary events: Your engagement party, your bachelorette party, and your wedding itself. Executed in proper taste, both your engagement party and wedding will largely accommodate a wide range of entertainment tastes. You’ll have family and friends of all ages to celebrate with and there are time honored formulae to guide you through both events with success.

But what about your bachelorette party? Where do you even begin? With hundreds of exciting cities and hundreds of possibilities in each, throwing a bachelorette party without geographic restriction can be an overwhelming undertaking. We’ve distilled the options down to the top five most fun bachelorette party ideas worldwide.

Sydney, Australia

Good news for the bride Down Under who’d prefer to fly over. Clocking in at number five, Sydney Trapeze School will fling your bridal party from the rafters in the span of a two hour instructional course. The facility boasts its ability to teach trapeze to students across a wide skill range from beginner to professional aerial artist. The school is open Tuesday through Sunday, comfortably spanning the weekend to accommodate your bachelorette itinerary.

If you’re planning a Darlington or Newtown night out afterwards you’d better have an athletic alternative to your cocktail attire. For safety’s sake, Sydney Trapeze School has a strict dress code which prohibits jeans, jewelry, and loose fitting clothing. Wear what you’d wear to the gym and brace yourselves for a wild bachelorette party.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s sexy capital has everything you could squeeze out of a European adventure plus perpetual happy hour pricing. You’re already in luck if you’re a bride in Buenos Aires, and even more so in the charming neighborhood of San Telmo. Clocking in at number four is the lovely dance studio simply referred to by its owners’ names, Lucia & Gerry, who have hosted Tango classes for decades.

Tango, the iconic Argentine dance, is now recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Lucia & Gerry, the unforgettably charming duo, are wildly entertaining as instructors and teach locals as well as ambitious globetrotters. If your Spanish is a bit rusty, don’t worry, their classes are taught in English as well.

Tel Aviv, Israel

If you’re not in the Southern Hemisphere, fear not, there’s plenty to do between the equator and the North Pole. Clocking in at number three is Tel Aviv’s Eatwith where you can dine at the very residence of a personal chef.

Originally a banquet style fine dining concept where foodies from all over the world would enjoy local cuisine, Eatwith has become Tel Aviv’s top choice for ladies in search of a classy bachelorette party experience. The intimate gourmet dinner party requires a minimum of eight girls and promises to be an unforgettable night of fantastic food, conversation and champagne fueled revelry.

London, U.K.

After a considerable amount of research, we’re confident we’ve hit the nail on the head in London. Clocking in at number two, Chocolate Ecstasy Tours is a tour group that will take you and your fellow chocoholics on a chocolate charged bender around London’s finest chocolatiers.

Approximately two kilometers of walking is involved in the visitation of around four locations per tour. The company advises wearing comfortable clothing and that everyone bring a little extra cash in the likely event your bridal party stumbles across some great bachelorette gifts along the way. Be advised that you will be full of chocolate by the end of this tour, but is that ever a problem?

Most Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in the World
Most Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in the World

New York City, United States

In our worldwide quest for the most fun bachelorette party idea that brings it all together, clocking in at number one is Fondudes in New York City. As a chocolate fondue themed dinner theater specializing in bachelorette parties, Fondudes are handsome “dudes who feed you fondue.” And they do exactly that and more in the course of a hilariously sexy dinner show that’s quite a thrill.

Originally born in the U.K. the show made its new home across the pond in New York to enlist ministration of the Broadway theater community. The company’s fondue menu comprises an assortment of rib splitting names in three chocolate types: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, and touts its caramel fondue options as being the best substitutes for recovering chocoholics.

Notable items include “Missionberry Style,” “Pineappull My Hair,” and “Chai Me to the Bed,” the latter of which is a mouth watering chai tea spiced caramel fondue. The company boasts the best fondue NYC has to offer and has plans to open locations in a few other cities in the next couple years. For the time being tickets for their New York performance can be purchased directly from their website

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