Planning a wedding dinner

How to Make a Memorable Wedding Dinner

How to Make a Memorable Wedding Dinner

All couples want to leave a lasting impression on their guests, but many tend to focus on other aspects of wedding planning without giving too much thought to food.

However, the food and beverages that were served and the way they were presented often leaves a much more powerful impression on guests than anything else. It’s the arrangement, the atmosphere, and the taste of the delicious food prepared by a reliable catering company that will continue to linger in their memory long after the wedding.

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to get creative and playful. Therefore, choose all the details carefully and stick with something that resonates with the two of you as a couple. It’s your day, so make it memorable!

Here are a couple of pointers to help you out.

Harmony is key

Every wedding has its theme or a color scheme, and that is something you should definitely keep in mind when selecting food and drinks for your wedding dinner. Think about the feeling and the atmosphere you’re trying to create at your wedding and choose your wedding color palette accordingly.

How to Make a Memorable Wedding Dinner
How to Make a Memorable Wedding Dinner

Color-coordinating everything – from flowers and decoration to wedding cakes and desserts – has been one of the most notable trends in recent years, with many brides-to-be matching the hues down to the smallest details. This helps achieve a sense of cohesiveness and ties everything together, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, perfectly Instagrammable wedding setting.

Diverse and unique food stations

When it comes to current wedding catering trends, the emphasis is placed on designing effective food and dessert displays, with uniquely arranged food being one of the top requests of wedding couples. Of course, everything has to match the theme and the vibe of the wedding, and some of the most popular wedding food trends are grazing tables, bowl foods, quirky desserts, and playful dessert stations.

The food is often served on uniquely arranged tables, sweet tables, and candy bars, which are often filled with lots of different miniature versions of favorite candies and sweets such as tartlets, cupcakes, cake pops, and of course, the increasingly popular donut walls, etc.


Wedding styles differ and not every wedding requires you to dress strictly elegant or black tie. We can also see a rise in weddings with a casual tone, and as such, they require food stations that match the laid-back vibe of the event. Finger foods displayed on grab-and-go snack stations seem to be one of the most popular options for these types of weddings. The guests can easily nibble on bite-sized versions of their favorite everyday foods such as corn dogs, sliders, quiches, even mini tacos – all while sipping on delicious drinks and entertaining.

Memorable Wedding Dinner

Couple cocktails

Crafting bespoke wedding drinks is another major trend that is taking the wedding world by storm, especially if the flavor profile of the drink matches the wedding food menu.

When you think about it, having a signature cocktail served all night is the perfect way to personalize your wedding and put perfect finishing touches on your big day. Many couples have a favorite drink, and at many New York weddings, it has become a staple to hire a professional mixologist from NYC and have them mix up a unique drink inspired by the bride and groom.

Once you decide on your signature beverage, the experienced drink connoisseur will craft the bespoke beverage on the spot, adding a unique vibe to your wedding. Moreover, serving couple-inspired cocktails at your wedding is the perfect way to connect with your guests and wow them while wrapping up the special evening in an elegant and sophisticated way.

Illuminate the magic

Another tip that will leave your guests speechless is your choice of wedding lighting, especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. For this, you’ll need several sources of lighting that will match the style of your wedding decor. Dining tables can be illuminated with the help of elegant chandeliers, while a couple of candles on the table will act both as a beautiful centerpiece and a cozy source of light.

Tented lights and string lights are perfect for creating a fairytale-like atmosphere when the sun goes down, while chic lanterns and fire pits will illuminate comfy conversation areas and give an intimate glow. Whichever option you have in mind, illuminating the venue will create a pleasant ambiance and make your wedding dinner elegant and overall more enjoyable.

Planning a wedding dinner is one of the most important aspects of organizing a wedding, and it’s also a way to add some personal touches and make your wedding stand out from the rest. Follow the tips above to organize the perfect wedding dinner your guests will remember for years to come.

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