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5 Original Ideas for Unique and Useful Wedding Gifts

Unique and Useful Wedding Gifts

5 Original Ideas for Unique and Useful Wedding Gifts

Photo frames, kitchen utensils, and tableware sets are reasonable presents. However, they’re not the most original wedding gifts you can think of. Sometimes we can give such things for presents but, on some other occasions, it’s important to show creativity.

Getting or making a unique wedding gift displays a special sort of devotion to the wedded couple. Here are give original ideas for unique wedding gifts.

1)     Educational memberships

Bridal couples like to begin their new life by starting a joint activity. Apart from the honeymoon, which is a short-term activity, some couples decide to take up a new hobby or start a new course.

If you’ve heard them talking about such ideas, think about giving them a present in line with that. For instance, you can pay them a few months of a foreign language course.

Another option is to pay them two different online courses related to their professions. Of course, this is feasible for a limited number of occupations.

2)     Coupling funds

Brides and grooms who are about to live together need a substantial amount of money. Buying furniture and other equipment for your home, getting a car, and planning a family requires some assets.

So, instead of giving spoons, casseroles, and cake mixers, think about forming a fund for the new bridal couple. This endeavor will need to be a joint effort of several friends or relatives. You can initiate this fundraising campaign and even open a special bank account for this cause.

It will look more sophisticated than just giving them a cash gift.

Original Ideas for Unique and Useful Wedding Gifts
Unique and Useful Wedding Gifts

3)     Travel vouchers

Many couples prefer to celebrate the inception of their marriage with a honeymoon. This can be a short weekend trip or full-holidays.

Honeymoons usually cost a bit more than regular travel arrangements, if organized by travel agencies.

On the other hand, bridal couples who organize their honeymoon on their own can save some money along the way.

And when it comes to the honeymoon budget, you can help this newly wedded couple with a honeymoon voucher. Again, it can be a joint present given by several friends or relatives.

Another option is to give them one or more travel vouchers as a wedding gift. These trips don’t necessarily have to be used for the honeymoon. The bridal couple in question can use them over time. Travels are one of the ways to keep a happy and healthy marriage so these vouchers would be a practical and original present.

4)     Genuine visuals

We’ve mentioned photo frames as a little bit outdated wedding gifts.

Still, the original visual wedding presents are always interesting.

The simplest thing is to buy them a piece of art. Buying a painting for someone else can be a tricky matter, though. In that case, it’s important to know the artistic taste of the couple in question.

If your friends like the urban artistic style, think about getting them a graffiti-like painting or poster.

Another option is to buy them a movie poster. If you know for sure that one movie has been important for both of them, you can either order a hand-drawn version of that movie or print the official version.

5)     Post-wedding albums

Today, everybody has a phone with a powerful camera. So, you could spend a bit of the wedding reception taking photos of people and activities they’re doing during the party.

After the wedding day, you can go through the album of photos taken that day and compile an authentic album.

Even though bridal couples usually have a designated wedding photographer, they will be happy to see your perception of their wedding.

And if the reception is taking place at a tranquil venue, such as the exclusive wedding venue in College Station, you’ll be able to make some equally exclusive photos.

If your budget allows you, it would be interesting to print a selected number of photos and put them in a special hard-copy album.


Choosing a wedding gift is not an easy task. The closer you are with the person in question, the harder it gets to get the right gift.

This is where creativity comes on stage. Think about the bridal couple’s preferences and mutual interests. Try to come up with an authentic present that will cover both of them.

And if you can take some original wedding photos along the way, give them that album as a special additional present.

The suggestions from this guide will help you make the right choice and show your commitment to the bridal couple in question.


 Author Bio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events. When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.

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