Solitaire Ring Prices

Solitaire Ring Prices

As an old saying goes, “diamond is a girl’s best friend” is without a doubt true. This statement embodies how a maiden’s heart is shaken with pleasure when she receives a sparkling gemstone filled with a promise of eternity.


After many years of waiting for the one, the special partner who will sweep the girl off her feet, the anxious anticipation finally ends when he asks for these special words, “Will you marry me?” As the special lady in your man’s heart, you would not have second thoughts in giving the sweet Yes. The days of committed life are in sight and devotion to your partner will be sealed once the precious words I do are spoken in front of witnesses.

In the male’s perspective, he needs to give her woman the best engagement ring. Among the different rings available in the market, he should opt for a solitaire ring. Buying a solitaire ring speaks volumes that he is capable of giving a better life, if not, he can offer her the best of what life has to offer. He proves that he is worthy of the delicious Yes and that her choosing him over others is the correct decision.
Finding the perfect solitaire ring for your fiancée is a challenge that a man must pursue. After knowing her ring size, the next part is finding the perfect cut to be center of the ring’s frame. The perfect combination is platinum encasing around a diamond. If platinum is not an option then, white gold is also a perfect substitute.
The prices of solitaire rings can range from as low as USD 500.00 and the maximum price is immeasurable. Sometimes a solitaire ring can cost as much as USD 3,500.00 because of the carat of the diamond and the ring’s framing. Prices can also vary depending on which jewelry store you decide to buy from.
If you are on a seemingly tight budget but you desire to see her smile from ear to ear, then go for a simple solitaire ring a composite diamond square frame laden in a 10K white gold will cost around USD 550.00. If you have excess money to spare and you would not settle for anything other than a princess-cut diamond on a platinum frame, then this solitaire ring will cost around USD 3,200.00.
The best way to go when proposing is going for a solitaire ring. The feeling of finally settling down and the idea of spending the rest of your lives together is the most memorable way of living. To punctuate the beginning of this new chapter in a couple’s life, the solitaire ring is a manifestation of this.
Prices of a solitaire ring might discourage you to buy one but do not feel so. When a man does things out of love, no other human being has the right to judge his actions. Do not hesitate to shell out some of your financial resources by spending it on one of the two rings that your woman will wear for the rest of her life.

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