Custom Wedding Suit

Custom Wedding Suits

Custom Wedding Suits

Weddings require an outfit that suits the occasion. Instead of buying a ready-made suit, it is worthwhile to invest in a custom-made garment. Not only can you use it for your big day, but you can also re-use if for important events for years to come. Customizing your garment also allows you to fully tailor it to the occasion.

How to choose a Wedding Suit?

Mens Wedding Suits
Men’s Wedding Suits

We strongly recommend that you do some research beforehand – Going to the tailor with a few ideas in mind will make it easier to explain yourself and guide the tailor’s recommendations in a direction.

Make sure the color of your suit matches not only the wedding dress but also with the bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits. Keep in mind that the bride should shine, so there is no need to be too extravagant with your suit and steal her thunder.

The fabric choice is very important – Summer weddings require lighter wool or even a linen fabric to avoid sweating, while winter weddings accommodate a heavier wool or flannel fabric choice that leads to a very clean shape of your garment.

Also, the lining choice can increase the wearer’s comfort – Cupro Bemberg linings, made from natural cotton, are more absorptive while synthetic linings will more likely capture the moisture.

Be mindful of your time frame – custom-making a wedding suit will take a few weeks and up to a few months, so start your process early. No one wants to be stressed out about their outfit just days before the big event.

What suit should you wear to a wedding?

An often-asked question for those invited to a wedding is the type of suit you should wear. If you are a guest, a flashy tuxedo is not appropriate. However, you will still want to add your own style and flair to your outfit. There are a few wedding suits options that you should consider.

Three-piece suits are a great way to look stylish and smart while not outshining the groom. It’s important to be both understated and sophisticated. An additional benefit of a three-piece suit is the ability to remove the blazer on warmer days and still look great thanks to the complimented waistcoat.

Double-breasted suits are another great option for attending a wedding. Bespoke double-breasted suits are stunning options for many attending a wedding due to the customization options available. With the perfect measurement and fit, a double-breasted suit can make you stand out.

If you are attending a wedding as a guest or the groom, you must get a made to measure wedding suit. If the suit is a poor fit, you will look uncomfortable. If your suit is not stylish and elegant, you will feel uncomfortable. A bespoke suit will make you look and feel great.

In addition, if you are in Italy and looking for a photographer, a Tuscany wedding photographer can help. When you are the capital of fashion, you should immortalize the moments you look great in your wedding suit.

Custom Wedding Suits
Custom Wedding Suits

Where to buy your Custom Wedding Suit?

Edit Suits Co. is one of the most famous and biggest suit tailors in London, and one of the best addresses for custom-tailored wedding suits. In 3-5 weeks, they are able to tailor garments to your specifications. Besides suits, they are also offering shirts, chinos, and overcoats – all at prices that don’t break the bank.

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