10 Things You're Forgetting to Add to Your Wedding Registry

10 Things You’re Forgetting to Add to Your Wedding Registry

Imagine being a newlywed and opening up your first wedding present only to see that it’s nothing you want or need. In such times, wedding registries are a godsend!

By having a pre-registered directory of all the items you desire or need, you probably will receive a memorable gift you can cherish for a lifetime.

However, planning a wedding registry for guys and girls can be hectic, especially when coupled with the thousand other responsibilities you have as an engaged couple.

If you are incredibly stressed right now with the wedding bells ringing close, worry not! Here are some marvelous gift ideas that are perfect for almost all wedding registries:

Classic Wine Glass Collectibles for the Wine-Lovers

Don’t you just love to sip your wines in a fancy glass that not only looks good but also enhances the taste of your delicious wine? And even if you aren’t a wine enthusiast, nothing compares to the oomph that collectible wine glasses add to your fine china.

Be it the super classy crystal-ware or the chic and simple wine glass, add one to your registry to have a long-lasting, useful, and pretty gift to open.

Engraved Linen Towels for the Glamourous Duo

The idea of anything with you and your life-partners name engraved automatically becomes a very touching gift.

Linen towels are one of the most sought-after luxury items in the gifting arena. And, guess what, you can always use these cute items like a couple of bath towels, throw rugs, simple counter rags, and so much more.

Ceramic Sets for the Homey Couple

Nothing beats the good old cutlery sets when it comes to wedding gifts. While ceramic sets are pretty common presents, you can always amp up your registry by adding some modern, vintage, artistic, or boho sets to your registry.

Customized Stationery for The Workaholic Couple

Every household needs at least a couple of stationery items. And when you’re about to start a new life with your loved one, why not go for a proper revamping of your study table?

Yes, there exist different quirky and upgraded stationery items on the registry for the young couples looking forward to setting up their home desk or offices.

Cooking Essentials for the Kitchen Lovers

Cooking essentials like kitchenware, small electrical appliances like fryers, barbecue grills, ovens, blenders, etc., fit into the registry section’s practical gift items.

Add some of the things you’d like to see in your dream kitchen and register them as soon as you can.

Smart Speakers

Music not only sets the mood for romance but also invokes memories of your first dance or your walk down the aisle. Register yourself for the smart speaker or sound system to liven things up at your house and spend some cozy time with your partner after a stressful day.

Luggage Sets for those who love Wanderlust

A sturdy luggage set is another sensible choice for couples to register as a wedding gift. Pack in them right before your honeymoon or your summer getaways. There are so many beautiful and handy luggage options available, which can be personalized as gifts.

Chic Flower Vase for the Aesthetic Couple

A chic and elegant flower vase always fits the perfect description of one luxury gift item. There is a wide array of flower vases out there to choose from. You can even register a couple’s vase for that extra touch of love in your home.

Coffee Blender for Night Owls

If you are that couple who stays up all night – but working – you are in dire need of a coffee blender. Yes, registering for a blender can be beneficial whenever you or your partner is too tired to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

Choose a stylish or a minimalistic one that fits the best with your home’s décor!

Scented Candles for the Extra Romantics

Among other romantic items for couples, incensed candles top the chart. The scented candles are just the aphrodisiac a new pair in love needs. Select the fragrances that suit you and your partner the best and add them to your wedding registry.

In Sum

Wedding registries can be full of quirky gifting ideas. They strike a balance between a gift that’s memorable as well as practical. The items mentioned above are just a few; you can always think of even more precious or meaningful wedding gift ideas.

Whatever you choose, make sure you end up with a well-planned registry full of varied options.

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