Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding Photography Trends

The idea of wedding photography basically remained the same for so many years. However, we often see new styles coming up and some styles getting cliche day by day. For instance, some couples do not want anything in the background. If anything remains in the background mistakenly they remove it by obtaining a background removing service.

Like this, the styles of wedding photography set for a new path at times because of the demand of the couples getting married. As a photographer, you have to stay ready to do anything they want. You have to know beforehand what trends of wedding photography are in vogue nowadays.  Now I am going to write about some common trends in wedding photography that couples are liking in today’s world.

Shooting for Editing

All couples know that there will be a post-production session which means the photographer will enhance the photo. He will apply color correction and many other steps to improve the quality of the photo. That knowledge gives them the freedom of posing as they want. They do many fun parts as they know the photos will be edited at the end. Similarly, the photographer also gets the freedom to take random shots. Shooting for editing is a trend of current wedding photography.

Dark and Moody

Well, this is one of the recent trends that are going on. To bring a cinematic and romantic look to the photos, couples urge to take these kinds of photos. However, this can make the skin look a bit unnatural. But overall the photos look good. To make this photo happen, you have to take the help of editing. Especially image retouching service will be the best choice here. Because by retouching an image you can do any kind of improvement your images need.


Some couples want to look traditional during the wedding ceremony. So, they adopt traditional dressing. They instruct the photographer to shoot photos in a way so that they look traditionally trendy. Their photos bring the tradition back to life.

Bright and Airy

Wedding Photography Trends 1

To make wedding photos look natural you can shoot bright and airy photos. To make this real you have to look for a place with enough light. Light will allow you to take brighter pictures. The uncluttered background will also help in this regard.

First Look Photography

Wedding Photography Trends 2

Another significant trend of this era in wedding photography is the first look photography. This is one of the most emotional parts of wedding photography. When the bride comes in a wedding dress and the groom looks at her, it makes him emotional. The whole part of this photograph is very touching both for the bride and groom. Sometimes the groom starts crying in this session. If it is a love marriage then it gives them a different kind of feeling. Because after a long time hustle and bustle they are getting together finally. This thought gives them an emotional feeling.

On the other hand, when it is an arranged marriage, it becomes a time to remember. Because you never saw someone wearing a wedding dress. Both, the groom and bride become happy and smile together at this moment. You have to shoot some amazing pictures here. If your client does not know this, inform them, and get some first look pictures.

Black and White Photography

Wedding Photography Trends 3

Well, it may sound weird but the truth is people are getting attached to black and white photos to bring the vintage vibe again. As a photographer, your duty here is not more than taking perfect looking pictures.

No Background

Well, this one is completely commercial and mostly used for professional editing purposes. Wedding photographers shoot random photos in any place with any background because they will remove the background anyway. They do it by just taking the help of image masking Service. They select the photo and apply masking on it to remove the whole background. The purpose here is to replace the background with something else.

Pre, While, and Post Wedding Photography

Nowadays, we all know that wedding photo sessions are divided into three major parts. Pre, while, and post-wedding. In the pre-wedding photography session, we see the photographer take photos of the groom and bride getting prepared for the big day. Their dressing, their taking make-ups, etc. are part of this. In the while wedding photography session, the photographer takes photos of the main event. And in post-wedding photography, the photographer takes photos of the couples going to visit the honeymoon destination, or visiting a church, or the whole part of post-wedding wherever they go.


I am at the end of the tether of my article. Before leaving I would say that as a photographer you cannot be cliche. You have to be updated all the time. You should know what is going on in the market. Because on the day of the wedding, you may not expect what your client asks you to do.

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