4 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

4 Must-Haves for an Outdoor Summer Wedding

As you plan for your outdoor summer wedding, you want everything to be perfect.

Summer is the perfect season to host an outdoor wedding. Weather conditions are warm and generally drier compared to other seasons. Vegetation is usually green and vibrant, and this creates a beautiful backdrop for a special event. Despite these excellent conditions, hosting an outdoor event in the summer requires a few special planning efforts as well. As you prepare for your big event, ensure that you have covered these bases.

Climate Control Features

Regardless of how beautiful the weather normally is in your area, you must plan ahead for a worst-case situation with the weather. Such conditions include excessive heat and humidity, high winds and rain. You may not have an accurate weather forecast for your wedding day until only a day or two beforehand. This is usually too late to reserve special features, such as large outdoor fans, tents or canopies, wind guards, and other features.

Pest Control

Many pests are more active during the summer season. This includes everything from fire ants and mosquitoes to bees, flies and more. Such pests can ruin your wedding and make your guests miserable. If possible, spray the area for pests a few days before the big event. Then, take special steps to deter pests from entering your event space, such as by covering all trash cans. You can also light candles or torches that can keep insects away from food and walkways.

Portable Toilets

A typical wedding ceremony and reception may last three to five hours or longer. During this time, many of your guests will likely need to use the restroom at least once. If a restroom is not located very close to your outdoor event space, rent a few portable toilets with cleaning stations for your guests to use. That way, no one will have to leave early due to lack of facilities.


Many summer weddings carry on until after dusk. The interior of a canopy can also have excessive shadows depending on weather conditions and the type of material that the canopy is made out of. Lighting up the event space is essential for both day and evening weddings for guests’ comfort and safety. Ensure that electricity is accessible at your event space before the big day arrives.

As you plan for your outdoor summer wedding, you want everything to be perfect. Controlling an outdoor event requires special efforts, but it is essential in order for your guests to be comfortable. You may need to take steps in each of these areas at least a few weeks before your scheduled event to ensure that you can utilize all required services and features.

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