To Add Glitter Effortlessly Into Your Wedding Day

How To Add Glitter Effortlessly Into Your Wedding Day

How To Add Glitter Effortlessly Into Your Wedding Day

A wedding day is the one time in our lives where we have free reign to create and organize a spectacular event, exactly the way we want. From the floor to the ceiling and everything in between, we have the final say. Whether that be a Disney themed wedding, a black-tie formal style, or a wedding day made of traditions, the decision is totally yours.

It goes without saying that every girl’s dream wedding consists of a huge castle at the top of a hill, a bride in a dress fit for a princess, and the prince charming waiting at the end of the aisle.

But what about those that dream of having a wedding smothered in layers and layers of glitter? Well, that is what we will be discussing today. If you are someone that longs for a wedding day so sparkly it is hard to see, then you have come to the right place. So, continue reading and discover how to add glitter to your wedding day!

The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress
How To Add Glitter Effortlessly Into Your Wedding Day

Starting off with the simplest and most effective way to add glitter to your wedding day. The wedding dress is the first place to start. The dress is meant to be a statement, a piece that guests will see and admire throughout the wedding. Look spectacular, a vision in white and glitter as you glide effortlessly down the aisle, projecting light throughout the venue.

Wedding dresses come in an array of different styles, lengths, and colors, with each varying in levels of drama and shapes. From simple satin slips to diamond-encrusted corsets. For a glittery wedding, be bold with a thick layer of glitter on your chosen dress of choice.

Find yourself a dress crafted from the finest materials before layering either delicately with glitter or sprinkled generously. Your dress doesn’t have to be extravagant. In fact, in this case, let the embellishments add the finishing touches and do all the talking. Just ensure it is doused with crystals, glitter, and gems to make you the real belle of the ball.

Sparkly Accessories

When it comes to adding glitter to your wedding day, it is not only the dress that can be transformed, effortlessly adding the finest glitter. Oh no. Glitter can also be added to your accessories, helping you to stand out and shine bright on your wedding day.


For those wanting to wear a stunning pair of heels, transforming themselves into a princess for the day, consider a pair that are embellished.

If perhaps, a dress decorated with glitter is too bold for you, or you want to add a further splash of shine to your day, consider slipping into a pair of fabulous style heels… With a large collection of embellished shoes available, finding a pair decorated with the most luxurious glitter will be an enjoyment to find. Differing in drama, style, and shape, choose a pair of heels to match your dress but also your comfort requirements.

Diamond Hair Slide

Diamond Hair Slide
How To Add Glitter Effortlessly Into Your Wedding Day

As all women are aware, the hair is an important and vital part of the outfit on their wedding day. For those planning on wearing their hair down, curled or in a loose bun, add a luxurious touch and some added glitter with the use of a glitter-encrusted hair slide. These are subtle, yet one of the most beautiful ways to add creativity to any hairdo, whilst also transforming to a clip to hold any longer flowy veil.

Glittery Makeup

Whether you’re doing your own makeup or have organized a makeup artist to complete your look for your big day, do not be afraid to introduce some glitter onto the face and even on your nails. Try dialing up the fun by using foiled, sparkly eyeshadow, or a lip gloss with glitter flushed throughout. Similarly, with the nails, a simple coat of glitter nail polish is a respectful and minimal way to add some sparkle to your outfit, On the other hand, consider an acrylic nail made with the best glitter compacts to compliment the rest and enhance the outfit perfectly.

Wedding Invitations

A great way to add some early, sparkly thrill to the up and coming wedding day and that is by sending elegantly glitter wedding invitations to all of the guests. This will not only kick start the use of glitter but will allow your guests to begin to get excited early on while knowing what to expect from your big day!

Stationery stores all over the country sell elegant sets of envelopes, cards, and sparkly liners in an array of colors to capture your wedding theme while brightening up the guest’s day when receiving their save the date card.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is both the prettiest and tastiest way to add glitter to your wedding day. A cake is an extremely versatile aspect of a wedding day and can be decorated in just about any style, with any flavor that you desire and are willing to pay for.

Cakes can be multiply tiered, lavished with faux flowers and sprinkled with more glitter than ever imaginable if that is what you wish. The best thing is that many cake decorators now use an amazing invention called edible glitter!

Capturing the light before projecting it around the room after sunset, your glittered wedding cake promises to shine brighter than the stars whilst adding the finishing touch to your spectacular and memorable wedding day that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Sparkling Centrepieces

If you are still unsure and looking for further ways to add glitter to your wedding day, then look no further than bright centerpieces. From metallic votives and glittery jars, by embellishing your centerpieces, you can add a little sparkle to each dining table while creating the finishing touches to your wedding venue. A place where guests can unwind and relax with the help of good wine and delicious food, guests can appreciate the hard work that went into organizing a glitter-encrusted centerpiece while enjoying a fine meal and reminiscing on past experiences with the bride and groom.

This can be as simple as you wish. From having small encrusted trinkets to royal looking vases blooming with the largest, spectacular bunch of flowers from their center. And, if the venue permits, consider adding sprinkles of glitter across the table clothes or at the cocktail bar, giving the illusion that the glitter fairies themselves have sprinkled magical dust all over your special day.

The Entertainment

When it comes to your big, special day, consider being cheeky and asking the live vintage wedding band​ to wear something sparkly. Imagine… the atmosphere is a buzz, the sun is setting and the tea lights are flickering around the room and while your guests chatter and reminisce over the events of the day, outcomes your very own Vintage Swing Band, all wearing a matching set of glittery suits! Creating the illusion of disco balls, dancing and jiving across the stage.
An amazing idea! By asking your wedding entertainment band to add glitter to their outfits, you can add even more sparkle to your special day.
And, just when the guests thought they’d seen it all, an outcome the glamourous, powerful wedding band here to serenade the guests and get everyone on the dance floor!

The Entertainment
How To Add Glitter Effortlessly Into Your Wedding Day

Glittery Table Numbers

Once the guests have been dazzled by the spectacular outfit and the stunning glitter sprinkled vanilla tiered cake, why not continue on the glitter theme with sparkly table numbers? This is not only a great way to organize the big day, but it is a simple and effective way to add glitter to your wedding day.

With many craft shops offering premade glitter table organizers, creating these table numbers for yourself can be an enjoyable task conducted with friends one evening with the aid of a bottle of wine and a chick flick!

Just grab some cardboard cut out numbers and a pot of glitter or sequins and away you go! This way, the colors can also be personalized to your own liking, from sophisticated silver, glittering gold or a rustic rose.

There are a number of creative and fun ways to add glitter to your wedding day. Here are a handful of reliable ways that can either be used individually or grouped together to create a memorable day. With some more eccentric than others, all our recommended suggestions work in the same way, helping to make the big day shine like the stars in the sky.

Whether you want a small sliver of silver or want to craft the entire event around the glistening of glitter dust, it is certain that the guests will be blown away, after following the few amazing ideas suggested above. By personalizing each of these suggestions and making it individual to your own needs, you can create a day that is your own, and one of your guests will label as ‘ you to a T’.

Glitter can bring joy and class to almost anything. From cakes to flower arrangements, sparkles add that sense of drama and impact, that something as simple as a tablecloth needs, especially on a wedding day! So stock up on pots and packets of sequins, sprinkle some glitter dust, and give your wedding day the true sparkle it deserves.

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