Create a picture perfect wedding

Create a picture perfect wedding with these DIY ideas

Your wedding day does not have to cost a small fortune to be memorable; it can be a fantastic, dream wedding even if you are on a budget; all you have to do is prioritize and use your imagination to decorate your chosen venue after your own personal preferences and sense of style. Simply follow use these ideas for inspiration:

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Photo album

Your photo album is almost more important than the day itself! It is your memory of one of the best days of your life and something you will look at many times over the years. To ensure you have an album which will always be on display create one yourself! You can purchase a standard album and recover it with materials, dried flowers and picture, or, you could create an album from the wedding cards, each one having a picture attached.

Create perfect wedding

Survival kit

Make sure there is no disaster which can ruin your big day! Have a wedding kit on hand to deal with ripped hems, blisters, sore lips or even red wine stains.

Vintage guests

A fantastic alternative to the traditional wedding guest comment book is an antique suitcase and a selection of postcards. Guests can write their comment on a card of their choice and leave it in the suitcase for you! An alternative suggestion is to create wooden horseshoes and ask your guests to write on them.

Barrel tables

Create an authentic wine yard feel inside or outside by using old beer barrels; they are the perfect height for drinks, especially those wedding cocktails!

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Dress flowers

Add a magical touch to the dress flowers by clipping a sea shell onto them. This simple addition will create many appreciative comments.

Bud vases

Rather than placing a large vase of flowers in the center of each table scatter a variety of bud vases across the tables, each vase only needs one or two flowers and it will appear like a sea of flowers for a fraction of the price.

Edible gifts

These are incredibly popular at the moment and for a good reason. A jar of sweets and hot chocolate goes down well at any time of the year, and creates a good talking point.


Go for an alternative to the traditional centerpiece by creating a unique piece with a decorated piece of wooden tree stump, or allow the children to create their own colorful displays; they are sure to impress!

Table plan

One of the most difficult things to get right on the day! Once you have decided where everyone will sit create a unique plan by spraying painting toy horses or any toy which fits with your theme and putting them inside a pretend garden to illustrate where everything and everyone should be!


Any venue can be brightened by adding photos of the happy couple, in various guises on their journey to the chapel. Post them onto a net or make shift string lines to allow everyone to see them and reminisce.


This can be an expensive part of any bride’s special day. However it does not have to be! You and a trusted friend can create almost any style you like by following simply tutorials in the internet.  Just be sure to practice before the big day!


Candy station

Guests young and old will love the idea of a candy station; free sweets! This is simple to make with glass jars and buckets of sweets and a few bags to allow people to take them away.

Venue choice

Your wedding’s venue will also set the tone for the theme. This season, it’s all about vintage-inspired ceremonies and antique decorations. That being said, you should consider renting a cottage for your big day. Make sure it’s someplace beautiful, quiet and relating. The countryside cottage is the perfect place for a wedding, although you might want to check the weather first; just to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Keep the party spirit and the wedding theme unique by laying on a variety of games which will ensure everyone is involved and having fun. This is especially good for backyard weddings and is guaranteed to make good memories! The only real limit on your wedding is your imagination!

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