Top 7 Ideas for Engagement Party Games

Top 7 Ideas for Engagement Party Games

Top 7 Ideas for Engagement Party Games

Months before you and your spouse are to celebrate that pivotal party that would symbolize the incipiency of your life as a couple together.

Of course, this is that one party wherein you would announce to the world that you are about to bid your bachelorhood or your days of being a single woman adios because soon enough you would be married. This may also be that one party where some of your out-of-town friends would finally meet your spouse-to-be.

So, naturally and as it should be, the focal point of this party’s limelight should be on you both, the couple. However, it would be best if you got your guests to take an active role in the night’s festivities and celebration by playing a few engagement party games. In this way, your guests would be acquainted with each other and can break the ice long before you and your spouse-to-be have even thought of a wedding venue. So, if you are looking for appropriate and fun games to play on your engagement party, below are seven ideas.

This game is pretty straightforward and would not necessarily need a lot of items as all you would need are pads of paper, a pen and prizes to be handed out. This game is a versatile trivia that focuses on the bride and the groom. To play it, you would need to create a list of questions that would all related to either of the couple or their relationship. Have the couple answer the questions beforehand so that you would already have a correct set of answers. Then read out each question and have participating guests write down their answers.
A game that would surely constrain your guests to talk to one another and break the ice is picture match. For this game, ask the couple for a copy of their photos together as a couple. Cut these photos in half and hand them out to the guests inside an envelope. Now, all that is left for them to do is to try and talk to one another in order to find the other half of their photo.
Another fun game which guests can play is to have them guess which famous romantic couple (alive or dead) their partner is portraying. Split your guests into pairs and have an assorted list of famous couples in folded papers to be picked out from a bowl. Have each pair pick a paper from the bowl and have their other partner who the couple they are portraying is–twenty questions style. Whichever duo guesses the most number of couples wins.
This game is for the attendees who came in as a couple. Seat all participants of the game back to back, provide them with a whiteboard marker and ask them a series of questions about their relationship (What is your partner’s biggest pet peeve? What is your partner’s favorite color? Who among the two of you says sorry first? Etc.) and have them write their answers on the whiteboard marker. If their answers match, they get a point. The couple with the most points wins the game.
This engagement party game would give everyone a brief insight of what it would be like on the wedding day itself. You would need wedding-related props and prizes for this game. To play this game, you would need a series of activities such as a cake cutting contest, a garter and bouquet toss or see who can dress up in a wedding attire in record time. Each victory for these activities scores a person one point, whoever has the most points wins.
A traditional and engagement party game staple. Make homemade bingo board for each guest before hand and have bingo chips for markers. However, fashion these cards by personalizing them with fun images and phrases related to the couple’s relationship (wedding date, meeting spot, honeymoon location). Whichever guest wins a round would get a party favor.
This game will be a bit nostalgic as it would require the guests to write out a favorite funny memory they had with the couple, or if they only know half of the couple then describe a memory they have with one of them. Collect the cards and read them out loud and have the couple guest which guests wrote that memory. This game would serve to be a refreshing and entertaining spin to engagement party games and would require no prizes.

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