How to Avoid Strained Friendships with Your Wedding Party

How to Avoid Strained Friendships with Your Wedding Party

War or Wedding? How to Avoid Strained Friendships with Your Wedding Party

A wedding is an exciting event to prepare for. After all, you’ve met the man of your dreams, and you’re about to spend the rest of your life with him. So much is going to change. This includes your relationship with your friends. During your engagement season, this is your time to connect with friends as you reveal who will be your bridesmaids. Truthfully, this is a time when many friendships fall off. If you don’t want to experience strained relationships, consider the following ways you can avoid that.

Consider Their Finances

Yes, it is your wedding. It’s going to be one of the biggest and best days of your life. Knowing this, it’s best to take into consideration that it’s not going to be as special for your friends. They’re probably not going to want to spend a ton of money on various costs. Try to find a reasonable price for different events and items the bridesmaids need to purchase. Don’t have them go into debt to make you happy. At the end of the day, it’s better to have your loved ones with you than a b crowd in the priciest dresses.

Think about Their Feelings

If you have a single friend who is bracing herself for you to ditch her, recognize that her feelings are valid. Too often, married girls ditch their single friends when their lives change. Do your best to spend quality time with all of your friends, single or not. Your relationship is based on what you meant to one another versus your relationship status.

Be Aware of Their Body Types

There are tons of bridesmaid dresses that are interchangeable. You can easily pick out an option that each woman can customize for her body type. Some women are ashamed of their weight gain or the unsightly scars on their arms. Be mindful of their body types because you want your bridesmaids to feel just as confident on your big day as you will be. Pick a color and have them match the dress.

Consider Their Other Responsibilities

While it is important for bridesmaids to help you with the wedding preparation, don’t bombard them with too many tasks. Don’t make them regret that they said yes. If they have weekly chores leading up to the wedding, you’ll want to reconsider this. People have lives that don’t revolve around your wedding that’s six months away. Be considerate. Solicit their help for the bigger tasks. When you’re ready to decorate the private event venue you booked, ask them to help with the set-up.

Those who are meant to remain your friends will stick around. However, don’t forget the major role you play in this transition. It takes two to develop a healthy friendship. If you neglect the friendship and become extremely self-centered, this is a perfect way to end up with no friends.

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