Iceland: A Fantastic Honeymoon

Iceland is an often overlooked honeymoon destination which can truly offer the experience of a lifetime.

The country has some of the most stunning scenery in the world, combined with lava flows, hot springs, volcanic craters, glaciers and some amazing waterfalls. Alongside the scenery is the welcome you will receive from the people. They are incredibly friendly and hospitable and one of many reasons why this is the perfect honeymoon destinations.

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The Island

In many respects Iceland is still a country in the making, there are still huge forces of nature at work under the surface which change the landscape almost daily. There are also sights which will remind you of both the power of nature and of how unimportant so many things are in the grand scheme. It is common to hear an ice covered volcano rumble or a gushing geyser whilst traversing a glacier carved by nature into the very mountains around you. The temperature varies from one degree in January to twelve in July, it may never be extremely warm but it also avoids the worst of the cold! The brightest, warmest days are in June, July and August and are usually considered to be the nest time to visit.

The Outdoors

Nature is at its best in this country. Why just take a swim in a pool when you can immerse yourself in a geothermal lagoon, swim in water warm enough to have a bath in! What may start as a gentle walk into the woods can become a hike across or even up a shimmering glacier, which glistened whiter than you may have thought was possible. Perhaps one of the most amazing sights can be enjoyed in the dark of night when the Northern Lights shine in the sky, creating a magical effect that is simply a must for every person at least once in their lives. It will certainly create a honeymoon to be talked about forever.

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The Indoors

Iceland does not just have magnificent outdoor scenery; it also has a vibrant cultural scene. There are an abundance of writers who have crafted some of the best writings known to man; including many Nobel Prize winners. It also has a love of the arts; live music and hand crafted items can be found on every street corner. The people are unique, funky, modern and extremely individual. Most importantly they are quick to invite strangers to join them and experience Iceland at its best.
The Icelandic people are tough as well as friendly, they have battled to rebuild the country after huge financial upheaval and to make Iceland a desirable destination. They regularly manage to triple their population and look after their visitors whilst monitoring the many volcanoes and supporting a scattered infrastructure. They do all this with a smile on their face and find time to be creative!


There are several destinations which simply must be included on any honeymoon trip:

Reykjavik – The capital of Iceland is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a backdrop of snow capped mountains. It is full of culture and bustling wine bars, cafes and restaurants.

North Iceland includes the lava fields, waterfalls, snow topped mountains and an opportunity to see a whale without even getting into a boat! There are many little islands and small fishing villages which must be experienced.
South East Iceland is the place to go to see huge ice rivers coursing through the landscape. This is a vast landscape where you can see ice lagoons, mountains and glaciers with a splattering of farms thrown in. There are no cities in the part of the country, just nature at its best and worst!

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Iceland truly has something to offer any visitor and will provide every honeymooner with the holiday of a lifetime; something that will be remembered and talked about for the rest of your life. If you’re searching for the perfect, most unusual honeymoon destination, then Iceland is the answer. The country is superb and the scenery is breathtaking. Gaze at the natural surroundings, go meet the people and explore the sights. Explore the cities and visit the attractions and you’ll enjoy the best European holiday.
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