Tips for the couples who are going to marry in 2015

Going to marry in 2015

Since we dream about it several times our wedding day is the most important day of our lives. We want everything to be perfect in this day. We wish everything would be as in our dreams or even better. However there are so many details during the wedding preparations and most couples can’t enjoy this process because of all these details. Moreover some couples have lots of arguments during this period and might be unhappy. So what can we do to have a perfect wedding day? Are there any tips for a flawless wedding day? All these questions have only one answer; to be organized and make solid arrangements. And you shouldn’t take this process as a burden. You should bask in the moment. For an impeccable preparation process these two are very important.

The first thing you should do is to set your budget and find a location according to the number of the guests. You should do this arrangement almost a year before. Because the wedding locations may be booked and it will be hard to find an available one. At this point you should compromise with your partner about where and how you would like to marry. And if you decide your wedding theme at that point the rest of the preparations will be trouble-free. Now you continue your way by knowing what you will do next. After you reserve the location you need to find a photographer. You have to be too fussy. Because in the future bad photographs would cause you to remember your wedding day not so nice. You want to remember your most special day in the best way. After choosing your photographer now it is time for you to decide your wedding gown. Your wedding theme is very important while choosing your wedding dress. Because your wedding dress should be coherent with your location and theme. After you prepare your wedding gown you should decide your hair style and rehearse it.
Honeymoon is an important detail that you have to adjust early. Because there is a huge possibility that you won’t be able to find an available hotel or a resort the date that you want. And that would be a huge dissapointment after the wedding. You can try the early reservation. While you decide your wedding theme you can hire a professional wedding organiser in order to take care of the decoration, flowers and the other details. This way the wedding preparations won’t become a burden.

Of course during this process you have to know the new trends. Before you decide your wedding theme and start the preparations you should have an idea of the last seasons wedding trends. When we look at the 2015 wedding trends we see an assertive colour: Marsala. Marsala left its mark on this winter season and it will continue to effect the summer season. Marsala is defined as emotional and bold and it seems that we will see it mostly in wedding bouquets and decoration details in this summer. Beside that you can use it in your engagement dress or deeper tones for the groom’s suit or it can be used in bows and ties. You can combine it with other colours. Especially peach colour, romantic pink and gold are very compatible with marsala. You can use this tones together or separate in your wedding bouquets. Besides we should mention the shades that you shouldn’t use. Mint was used so much in the last two seasons so it would be wise to stay away from this colour in this season.

Going to marry in 2015

In the wedding themes of 2015 we can see a more rustic style. Vintage style that we mostly saw in last years is in fashion again. Its effect can be seen in wedding dresses this year. There will be vintage details and also more plain designs. This year we will prefer more sophisticated but plain designs. Particularly elagant wedding gowns with lace sleeves are rising. On the other hand like every year strapless gowns are highly prefered this year. And lastly there will be a high demand for off-shoulder wedding dresses.

As wedding locations this year’s trend contains historical breeze. Historical places will be prefered as wedding locations. Countryside weddigs will step back while boat weddings will come to the fore. There seems to be an increase in wedding dinners but you should decide this according to your budget and your guest list.

Don’t forget marriage is the most important events of our lives and we want our wedding day to be perfect to reminisce for the rest of our lives. But our happiness is as important as the impeccability of the details. We need to avoid small problems and focus on our happiness.
We wish 2015 would bring new opportunities, joy and peace to the newlywed couples.

Going to marry in 2015

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