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Surprising Ways To Make Your Evening Reception Extra Special!

Your Wedding Reception ...

Surprising Ways To Make Your Evening Reception Extra Special!

An evening reception is a very good time to let your hair down after the ceremony, and intense wedding planning. It’s a good opportunity to have some fun, and really chill out with your new partner. And it’s also important to remember your guests. You want them to have an unforgettable time so you should put on some fun entertainment which they will enjoy. So after the first dance, here are some top ways to make your evening reception extra special.

Book a Band

Music is a must when it comes to a wedding reception as it lets people party while the drinks are flowing. You should consider whether you would be interested in having a band for your wedding. It’s ideal for couples who are fans of going to festivals and gigs, and can really make your wedding extra special.  You can get bands for different genres of music so if you both are into heavy rock or fans of swing, there will be bands out there for your tastes. Remember your guests in your decision, though, as they have to listen to them for several hours. You could go to a gig that the band you want to book have planned to hear what they are like, and see the crowd’s reactions. Find out more here about booking a band for your big day.


Hire a Disco

A disco is a traditional favourite at a wedding as it gets the party started. They can play a lot of different tunes from the decades so it’s suitable for all ages. It’s ideal for the first dance as well, as they will be able to get hold of the song you want. Talk to different DJ’s in the area, as you don’t want to make a mistake by choosing someone not suitable. Make sure you ask the venue first, as they may be able to organise you a disco for your wedding. And check whether they have any restrictions on music, and when they can play till in the evening.


Organise a photo booth

Surprising Ways To Make Your Evening Reception Extra Special!
Photo booths are so popular now at weddings, with everyone wanting to have one as part of their big day.

Photo booths are so popular now at weddings, with everyone wanting to have one as part of their big day. They are great ways to capture some informal pictures of your guests, and they can even take a photo home with them. It also means you get some fun pictures of you as a couple, and with your friends. They generally come with some fun props which you can use to make the photos even more hilarious. Some of the photo booths come with a video option so that guests can leave a message for the Bride and Groom. Some unique photo booths have been developed including a VW Campervan, which turns into a photo booth for your evening do. If you can’t afford the costs of a booth, you could make your own in the corner of the venue, with a selfie stick and a few props. Make sure you check with the venue that they allow photobooths first!


Order an Ice Cream Bike

Ice Cream is an excellent way to make your evening reception really chilled out. Ice Cream is ideal for summer evenings, and they often come on a vintage style bike. It’s perfect for all ages, and some companies will even design the bike with the colour of your theme. It’s grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Your guests will appreciate the delicious treat, and if you have one, make sure you don’t get any on your wedding dress!


Hire a Sweetie Cart

Sweetie Carts are a popular choice now for a wedding reception. The Carts make the wedding extra special as it’s unique, and will really wow the guests. You get to choose which sweets your guests will enjoy during the evening, and if there are any leftover, you should be able to take them home! It’s fun for all ages, and they often adapt the cart so it fits your theme. If you can’t afford a sweetie cart, you could make a sweetie table. That way, you can put loads of sweets on there, and people can help themselves. Here are some further ideas on Pinterest for your Sweetie Cart.



If the venue allows it, you could have fireworks at your venue to really wow the guests. Perfect at a venue with a lot of space, your guests can gather around while they watch the show. The photos will be incredible, and it will be romantic for you and your new husband. The kids at your wedding will also be entertained, and it’s a great way to finish the day. You could even get sparklers for everyone to use while you are watching the fireworks. Find out more great info at Wedding Sparklers Direct


Hire a Magician

A Magician is a great way to make your evening reception fantastic. You could hire them to walk around the event performing some tricks for individual guests. Or you could consider having a short magic show for a break from the music. If you are both fans of magic, then this could be an ideal way to add a personal touch to your big day. It will definitely be memorable for your guests, and it will make the reception extra special.

Hire a bouncy castle

Surprising Ways To Make Your Evening Reception Extra Special!
A bouncy castle is perfect for an evening reception at a large venue.

A bouncy castle is perfect for an evening reception at a large venue. Make sure that you are allowed one first. They are fantastic for everyone to have some fun, and it’s ideal in warmer weather. You will get some hilarious photos, and it’s a great way to get everyone to lighten up and have some fun. It will also keep the children entertained for a while, so it gives the parents some time to relax. It’s a great way of making your wedding memorable!

Remember that these things will be likely what your guests will think of when they remember your big day. So organise some fun things to make it extra special for everyone.  

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