Original wedding ideas

Original wedding ideas

Original wedding ideas

Are you planning to get married? Could you use some original ideas for your wedding? Here is a list of unique ideas.

Surprise him with a special photo shoot. This is a good idea if you want to make your future husband go crazy. Create a sexy photo-shoot of yourself wearing your wedding lingerie. Send it to him the morning you will get married. Which man wouldn’t like this?

Entertainment. Make sure your guests are having a good time at your wedding. That’s why entertainment is really important. Do you want something different than the traditional entertainment? Then here’s a good idea for you. Instead of a normal MC, use a family member or a friend who’s known to be funny. Besides who knows you better than your family or friends? This will really make your wedding more personal and unforgettable.

Lounge. Create a lounge at your wedding for people who don’t feel like dancing or just want to relax. You can create a special lounge for the guys, such as a cigar lounge and special one for the girls, for example a martini lounge. Are you expecting a lot of guest with children? Create a special lounge with a babysitter so the guest will have some rest and are able to enjoy your wedding.

Unique location. Places like the beach and hotels are still really popular. Do you want something different than these traditional wedding locations? Think of places like art galleries, rooftops, Vineyards, restaurants. Do you like luxury and don’t you mind spending some extra money? Have a castle or villa for yourself. It’s a once in a lifetime experience so make sure to do it in a memorable way.

Original bouquet. Use a big DIY paper flower instead of a bouquet. It looks great, original and it will safe you some money. Besides, this bouquet won’t wither away.
Balloons. This is a simple and fun idea. Everybody stands together while holding balloons. Could be any kind you like. You can use red heart balloons, white balloons or mix different colors. Release the balloons all together on the same time. This will look really great on photos.

The most important. Have your wedding in your own way! Try to avoid traditional ways and make your wedding more personal. This is your special day, so you can do it in the way you want to. Don’t be afraid to be different and try to be creative.

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