We have made a list with beautiful bridal hairstyles.

Bridal hairstyles

Bridal hairstyles

Looking for the perfect hair do for your big day? There are a lot of styles where you can choose from. For example are you going to wear your hair up or down? We have made a list with beautiful bridal hairstyles.


It’s important to know which bridal hairstyle will fit het best for you. People that have short hair have other possibilities than people that have long hair.


For an elegant look go for a tiara that looks like a crown. You might wonder why a crown tiara would do the trick. This look will give you a more elegant yet sleek appeal. The look has to be clean and simple as possible. Other tiara’s can make you look like a prom queen.


Put a floral crown in your hair, it will give you a fresh look and it will add some romance. It will look good if you have wavy hair. For people who like the bohemian look and if you want to have a laid-back wedding.


Do you want to look fancier? Than the updo will do it for you. The updo is a flawless braided bun that’s coiled around. This look matches perfect with a dramatic ornate wedding dress.


If you want to go for more casual this is a good hairstyle. Make a braid in the front and twist it in the back for a casual style. This is a good option if you want to have that natural looking updo, perfect for a beach wedding.

Short hair

When you have short hair it’s important to use accessorizes. It’s a good excuse to wear a bold piece of jewelry. For example you can wear a diamond hairband. Put a bit of pomade in your hair to get the right structure.


Waves are easy and sexy and it’s ideal for a summer wedding or a beach wedding. To create this look wrap your hair around a one and a half inch curling iron and start to wrap a bit down the root, to give it an undo feel.

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