A dazzling tribute: Magic Alhambra Pavé Diamonds

The Alhambra collection, a Van Cleef & Arpels icon, meets the diamond in a dazzling tribute: Magic Alhambra Pavé Diamonds.

Eight jewels, in white gold, make up this never before collection. Their generous pavé setting pays homage to the most exacting standards of the Maison: those of High Jewellery.

Since 1968, the wonders of the Alhambra collection bring good luck to the women who wear them and to those who offer them as gifts.
Van Cleef & Arpels now reveals an even more glowing opportunity for happiness. The Magic Alhambra Pavé Diamonds collection highlights its symbols of good luck, health,
prosperity and true love. What’s the secret? An exclusive pavé setting of exquisite diamonds, all rigorously selected, on white gold.

Luck that is both exclusive and multiple…
Luck with a high jewellery signature…

Luck can be fickle. Magic Alhambra Pavé Diamonds attracts it and plays with its emblem.

Each version of the lucky four-leaf clover varies in size, each motif takes its place in a different manner, all are adorned with diamonds of remarkable quality. This radiant asymmetry beckons to a woman’s grace and elegance.

Play with the setting to catch the light…

The expert imagination of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Mains d’Or has adapted a traditional technique used in High Jewellery. These outstanding craftsmen have created a unique stone-setting architecture designed to highlight the stones and minimize the metal.
Dazzling on the front and subtle on the back, honeycomb setting enhances the diamond’s sparkle. The white gold base accentuates their glow. The diamonds, cleverly positioned, seem to vibrate in the light.
The shine is tantalizing, alive and mysterious.


Eight jewels, eight reasons to glow
The famous pearly contour adorns eight new jewels. The long necklace or sautoir in white gold features sixteen stylized clover motifs, each varying in size. The charms that dangle happily from the earrings (in a single or triple motif version) are asymmetrical and enhance the graceful line of the neck. A necklace and a bracelet, woven from the finest of white gold chains, dance in the light. Two rings, one single and the other “between–the-fingers”, irresistibly attract the eye to the hand. A pendant radiantly celebrates the exquisite diamond setting.

The Magic Alhambra Pavé Diamond collection is the alliance of happy-golucky charm and the savoir-faire of Van Cleef & Arpels.
Each of its jewels can be worn with the other collections of Alhambra or of Perlée: these multiple combinations will be an ode to the whimsy and imagination of women.

Wear a Magic Alhambra jewel… and luck becomes even more desirable.

Thanks to the exclusive setting technique and the generous pavé effect, the playful asymmetry accentuates the variations of light, enhances the sparkle of diamonds and makes a woman’s beauty shine even stronger.

This alliance of jewellery expertise and radiant creativity gives Van Cleef & Arpels the opportunity to offer a new and spectacular take on a timeless icon.

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