DIY Wedding

Planning a DIY Wedding?

Planning a DIY Wedding? Tips to give your wedding a personal touch

Your wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life; it is also one of those days that require an immense amount of planning. You will need to organize a venue, flowers, cars, dresses, suits, food, drink, toasts, decorations and a host of other items. This is the reason that many people use the services of a wedding planner; however, it is possible to organize it yourself. To be successful you must have a well structured plan and a professional approach.  The following tips should help you have the wedding of your dreams:

Hire a professional!

Even if you are planning to organize everything yourself, there is no reason why you cannot use the services of a wedding planner to assist. They will know of venues that you may not have thought of, they will probably be able to obtain a discount for you and they will be able to save you money through tricks of the trade.

Have a starting point

The first step must be to work out your budget. Find out exactly how much money you are going to be able to spend on your wedding. This will help you to decide which venue, how many guests to invite and even where the wedding can or should take place. The follow up to the budget must be working out the guest list. You may have a large extended family and feel obliged to invite one hundred family members; this will have an impact on the venue and type of wedding you choose.

Avoid asking for advice from family and friends

Their opinions are valuable and should be listened to; especially your best friends who should only have your interests at heart. However, you should avoid hiring them, in any context to assist with the wedding preparations. If you do you may find it very difficult to express your dislike of an idea and may end up with something that you didn’t want as a part of your big day.


DIY Wedding
Planning a DIY Wedding? Hire a professional!



You will need to establish when you intend to tie the knot. You can then back track from this date to know when you should be sending invites out, or organizing the venue. You can also decide on your preferred style of wedding; this will enable you to make a quick decision if necessary to ensure a key part of the wedding happens.


Planning a wedding involves a surprising amount of paperwork! There will be a variety of invoices and even contracts; each of these needs to be tracked and responded to, if necessary. It is also essential to record the cost of every item; this will ensure you remain within your budget. You can do this via a paper based spreadsheet, a Microsoft spreadsheet or even via an app which you can download for this specific purpose.

Hire competent people

When choosing your caterers or the band you must check them out first. Ideally you should see them in action. It is also a good idea to obtain references from them and check with their past clients to ensure they gave the professional service that you expect from them.

Dealing with challenges

No matter how well you plan there will be small details which go wrong and need to be addressed at the last moment. This may be simple things like a flower missing from a dress, or more challenging things like the band not turning up. Whatever the scenario, you need to ensure that someone you trust is on hand to deal with any issues which happen on the day.

DIY Wedding
Planning a DIY Wedding?



Finally, it is important to keep the day in perspective. It may be the most important day of your life but it is still just one day in your life. Have fun planning it and enjoy! Find a way to relax and don’t let small irregularities ruin your moment. Choose a style that you like, and give a personal touch. The more you get involved into the planning process the better chances you have to adore the end result.

Personalizing a wedding may seem like the most difficult thing to do. However, a properly laid out plan will help you stay organized.

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