Unique Catering Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable

Unique Catering Ideas to Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable

Wedding catering can be predictable and make your reception something that blends in with the crowd. In order to be unique, you need to find a solution that fits with the personality of the couple that you’re creating. Here are a few ideas for wedding catering that will make your reception memorable.

Create a Specialty Drink

Concoct your own specialty drink that you can serve to all of your guests. Create a version that’s non-alcoholic in nature so that you can serve that one to your guests that don’t want to drink. This will allow everyone to share in the experience of tasting what you think about your new status of couple-hood. Pair your drink with a glass that’s unique to showcase some more of your personality. Consider allowing your guests to take the glass home as a memento of the occasion.

Employ Food Stations

A buffet style wedding allows your guests to create a plate of food that more closely resembles their personal tastes. Using food stations that have a variety of options is one solution to ensure that everyone will rave about the food that was served at your reception. It will also allow you to select from a variety of different cuisines so that you don’t have to stick to the same tired reception menu.

Cater from Your Fav

If you have a particularly favorite restaurant in which you shared most of your dates, look into having them cater your reception. For example, getting your favorite Mexican restaurant catering for your wedding is a good way to start your new life together. Make the experience more memorable for your guests by adding personal stories on cards at the tables about things that happened while you were eating particular dishes from the restaurant.

Consider Tableside

To make the affair feel more family oriented, consider employing tableside dishes. This is where large portions of the meal are brought directly to the table and the guests will serve themselves out of it. Each individual table will have the same types of dishes. This approach will make it feel more like your guests are eating in their own homes and help to make the reception feel less rigid. It may allow your guests to feel more comfortable and have more fun.

Catering for your wedding reception doesn’t need to be the same tired affair that every other wedding uses. Use these tips to try something unique that will have your guests remembering it long after the fact.

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