Are you pregnant and worried about getting infected with the zika virus?

What can you do to protect yourself and your baby?

Are you pregnant and worried about getting infected with the zika virus?

The news of the zika virus reaching Miami, Florida may have scared you into isolating yourself. Scientists are making advances in trying to find a cure or a vaccine for this disease.Even so, you could be even more scared because you recently found out that you are pregnant. There is no need to worry. Your doctors,your partner and the people that love you are here to support you. There are things you can do to make sure you and your baby are fine.

  • You need to stay away from high risk areas where the disease has been recorded.
  • You need to protect yourself from getting bit by mosquitos by using repellants.
  • You need to constantly consult with your obstetrician so that they monitor you and your baby.
  • You need to stay calm and not panic, as this can stress your baby.
  • You need to remember to enjoy your pregnancy.

All these things may sound too easy or may not seem like enough, but you need to trust that they are all you can do in this dire situation. This virus poses a great threat to your unborn child. Cases have been recorded of pregnant women who are infected with the virus transmitting it to their fetuses. This is one of the ways the disease spreads. The other way it spreads is through sexual transmission and there have been rare cases of transmission through blood.


Baffling news

What has baffled scientists about this disease is the ability ofa mosquito-borne virus to spread to humans through sexual transmission and to cause birth defects in babies. This has not been recorded in other viruses. If you were to become infected with the disease, you would most likely infect your unborn child too. The result would be the risk of your child being born with mbs109003 neurological disorders. This is worrying news indeed. Children born with these defects suffer all their life and it can be devastating and costly for families. However, scientists around the world are working tirelessly to combat this dreadful disease.


So, what can you do to protect yourself and your baby? 

  • You can wear protective clothing that covers most of your body. You could also treat your clothing with solutions that repel the mosquitos.
  • You could start sleeping under a mosquito net, as this will ward off the mosquitos. You could also have your air conditioning on even while sleeping. The idea is to keep mosquitos from biting you.
  • You could also use a certified mosquito repellant. These have been proven to work but you must make sure that the contents of the repellant are safe for use on pregnant women. You should consult your obstetrician before using any type of repellant.

This information should enable you to make informed decisions that are good for you and your unborn child. Protection is key in avoidingbeinginfected with the disease and ensuring that your unborn baby is born healthy.

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