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Cosmetic surgery for brides: Look flawless on your big day !

Cosmetic surgery for brides

Your wedding day is often a key highlight of your life, and it’s understandable that you’ll want to look your best.

For this reason, many brides consider plastic surgery. But is it right for you? Cosmetic surgery covers a whole bunch of procedures – weight loss surgery, breast reductions and augmentations, face lifts, or nose jobs, and they all come with different issues. Read on to see if cosmetic surgery could be right for your big day.

Long-Term Thought or Sudden Impulse?

Is there a particular aspect of your body you’ve considered changing with surgery for a while now? Perhaps you’ve always thought about having a nose job, but never quite ended up doing it. In cases like this, doing it before your wedding day may well make a lot of sense! But if it’s something that’s only occurred to you recently – a sudden impulse brought on by wedding planning? It’s probably worth sitting down and really thinking about it. Is it something that you want to be changed that much, or is it just the pressure? Is it something you can obtain without surgery – for instance, weight loss – and you’ve only considered surgery because of the added wedding date? In this case, take some time to think it through – after all, it is a surgical procedure!

Leave Enough Time

As with the above, an impulse decision can be bad – there’s a recovery time associated with all procedures, so you don’t want to be getting that surgery a couple of weeks before your big day! If it’s something you’ve been considering for a while, try and leave yourself a good few months before walking down the aisle to make sure that any swelling or redness has faded, and that you’ve got used to your new look. After all, no matter how happy you are about the change, it’s still new and you don’t want to be found a bit weird as you get dressed that morning. Getting used to how it feels and how you move now you’ve changed (especially important for surgeries likely to affect your body size/shape) will help you look and feel flawless on your big day.

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Cosmetic surgery for brides

Do Your Research

Make sure you go to a reputable surgeon. Ideally, they should offer you at least one counseling/consultation session to make sure you understand the procedures involved, and to ascertain your goals. You don’t want to spend all that money a few months before your wedding day, only for them to screw up! Shopping around is completely fine too – you want to find someone you’re comfortable with, that understands what you want from cosmetic surgery. You should never feel pressured into anything, so if you feel like they’re just desperate to make a sale move on to someone else – someone who genuinely cares about what you want, not just what they can get out of you!

Consider All the Options

Sometimes the procedure you hear most about isn’t going to be the best one for you. Your surgeon should help you with this, but it’s worth looking around first too! For instance, if it’s weight loss you want, liposuction isn’t the only option. You may well be better off with a tummy tuck, or cryolipolysis. Each of these will have a different effect, even if they all target the same problem. For instance, cryolipolysis doesn’t leave scars – but can’t get rid of as many as the other two. Tummy tucks can deal with loose skin – whereas liposuction can’t. Make sure you do your reading and pick the one that’s best for you – not just the most popular.

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If you’ve gone through all these points – and remember, made sure you’ve left yourself plenty of time! – Then it’s time to start planning ahead. One important thing if you’re looking for cosmetic surgery that may dramatically change your body type – for instance, a breast reduction/augmentation, weight loss surgery, or other such procedures – then you’ll need to be aware of that when dress shopping. If it’s something likely to change how your face looks, then you might want to get practice with new hair and make-up styles!

Whatever you decide though, you’ll be sure to have photos and memories to last a lifetime – and the look of love can make almost anyone look flawless.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and!

Cosmetic surgery for brides…

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