4 Tips for Keeping Kids’ Formal Wear Clean

Kids’ Formal Wear

Preparing your children for a big event such as a wedding or the First Communion is stressful and emotional. You dress them up, look at them in their beautiful attires, and all that comes to your mind is ‘Oh God, how they have grown’. In your attempts to have them looking and feeling perfect on the big day, you are willing to spend even more money than you originally thought you should spend. But what happens when your little angels manage to stain their beautiful dresses and suits?

Dangerous colours

Having your daughter dressed in the most beautiful, white, princess-style dress may sound like a brilliant idea, but when you think about all those stains that miraculously appear on white shirts, skirts, and dresses, you should probably steer clear of that one. However, when the time comes for your children to wear white, keep a piece of simple white chalk at hand – chalk is good and can cover up minor stains on white clothes, for a while.

Hand-wash most of it

You don’t want your child to scratch like crazy because their clothes are uncomfortable or make them sweat. Cotton, silk, and other natural materials are good because they will allow your child’s skin to breathe and can be washed easily. On the other hand, if their clothes have beads, pearls, lace, and rhinestone all over them, you should not even think about machine-washing them. Suits and tuxedos should be taken to the dry cleaners; they know how to iron and press them the right way.

Keep them safe

If your girl loves her beautiful tulle skirt or silk dress, she will certainly want to wear it everywhere: kindergarten and playground included. And your boy will probably pick whatever there is in his closet and put it on; he doesn’t really care if it’s his good suit or formal white shirt. Put your kids’ communion wear on top shelves in their closets and make sure they know they cannot wear it all the time. Keep your children’s clothes away from them even when you’re on your way to the big event; put the good clothes in your car and have them change once you get there.

Have baby wipes at hand

Children may try as hard as they can to stay clean, but it’s not always possible. You will soon discover that baby wipes are your best friends even if you don’t have a baby. Messy hands and food that has somehow escaped their mouth can all be cleaned in a blink of an eye, and their beautiful formal clothes can stay clean a while longer. They are wet and do not require a trip to the bathroom in case of an emergency, so keep a pack in your purse just in case.

Not even grownups always succeed in keeping their favourite formal outfits nice and clean all the time, they get dirty, with small tears, and stains which you have to clean up afterwards. Kids are in even tougher situations than adults because they want to run around and play, not sit still because of their outfits. This is why it’s good to keep a few tricks up your sleeve and know what to do when your little ones come back all dressed up and dirty.

Emma Lawson is a busy mom to two wonderful boys. She is passionate about writing and her boys are her inspiration. She loves to explore, learn and share about parenting techniques. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson

Kids’ Formal Wear…

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