How To Maintain The Spark After The Wedding

How To Maintain The Spark After The Wedding!

How To Maintain The Spark After The Wedding!

The wedding buzz is one of the best feelings you will experience in your lifetime, and as a couple, there is nothing you would love more than to recreate that experience every day. For a lot of couples, the reality sets in quite soon after the honeymoon and they have to adjust to the mundane tasks of day to life. What you do after the honeymoon to maintain the fairytale feeling is imperative for setting yourself up for a successful marriage.

It is completely normal to feel almost deflated from the wedding excitement, and almost unsure of what is going to happen now. The whole build-up to the wedding was your first date, then making it official, then the engagement, and now you’ve achieved the wedding you might be thinking, what’s next?

Signs that you and your partner are losing that romantic touch can become pretty clear quite quickly after the burst of love and ceremonial unity, but maintaining the love throughout the marriage is simpler to achieve than you think.

Here are some of the main habits you can start implementing today to keep your romantic spark alive after your wedding:

Reflect On What You Are Grateful For

Our reality is always changing and filled with mixed events and emotions. Your lives outside of marriage might be separate in aspects such as work and social groups, but you should always remember the importance of your partner and their role in your life. The chaos can often lead to our attention dropping and make us forget the simple joys of your marriage. 

For example, they might make you a cup of coffee every morning even though they are in a rush to get to work, or perhaps you have neglected the importance of your partner buying fresh flowers for you. Expressing gratitude to your partner is one of the quickest and most effective ways to strengthen your relationship and make each other feel appreciated. Try taking a moment each evening to discuss what you are grateful for, and admire your partner’s loving behaviors. 

Plan a Minimum of One Romantic Trip A Year

As you progress through your married lives, spending time together might become more of an inconvenience than a retreat. For example, if you are focussing on your career and allocating more time to your work, it can be easy for your partner to feel neglected. Purposefully scheduling at least one trip a year together is an effective way to bring back that honeymoon feeling and have new experiences together instead of apart.

You could make it that little bit extra special by including touches from your wedding day, whether it’s your wedding lipstick or perfume, or maybe you put your reception dress on! It can be an isolated log cabin staycation, or perhaps you can get away for a backpacking holiday in Asia!

The wedding buzz
How To Maintain The Spark After The Wedding!

Communicate Any Problems There And Then

There is no worse feeling than ending the day after a bad argument and feeling too angry to communicate how you feel with your partner. Prolonging the healing journey after an argument with your partner is one of the most detrimental habits to have in a relationship, and nipping it in the bud as soon as possible should be something you can both work on. As the saying goes communication is key, and in a relationship, it is the key to a long and successful relationship.

Make Time Slots For Each Other

In a happy and healthy relationship, you should both have your own space to grow, whilst also having the time to show your support and affection. Often when things become complicated in life a lot of couples neglect making time specifically for their partner. This time shouldn’t include sorting out the food shop or doing mundane tasks together.

This allocated time each day should be spent alone together and should be a space for support and communication. Allocate at least 30 minutes a day to talk about how you both feel and what ideas you have to help the relationship blossom even more. 

Plan Surprise Date Nights

Date night should come as a given, but one of the best feelings is being welcomed to a surprise you had no idea about. Surprises should not just be left for birthdays and anniversaries, as there are many opportunities to have small treats for your partner. For example, they might get home from a bad day at work and perhaps you surprise them with one of your sexy little black dresses and a beautifully cooked meal. There are so many ways you can initiate excitement and adventure into your relationship, but you just have to get creative!

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