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Precious Wedding Planning Tips from Experts

Outsource Everything You Do Not Feel Like Doing

Precious Wedding Planning Tips from Experts

There is this online trend of reading catastrophic experiences from people’s weddings.

These are usually things that happened to the couple or the wedding planner. These stories can be quite amusing unless you are a bride to be and you are scared out of your wits that nothing will go according to the plan. Therefore, stop reading that stuff and check out the wedding tips that will help you have your big day without any disturbances and with the minimum effort.

It is going to be a stressful day.
You will do your best, but, in the end, your wedding will not be perfect.

Savor It All: Whatever Comes Your Way

You will do your best, but, in the end, your wedding will not be perfect. However, that does not mean that it will be a disaster. All those hiccups in your plan are charming and an integral part of the experience. So, you have a choice. You can stress over all of them, or you can choose to embrace it and go along with it. Give it a smile and move on. There are tons of excellent stress relieving methods, but one of them is to think of every little thing that goes wrong as the thing that makes your wedding unique and only yours.

Take a Moment Alone Before It All

It is going to be a stressful day. You will put on a brave face and you will have fun. But, to make it all a bit easier, get up in the morning and find an hour and a secluded place for just the two of you. Have a coffee or breakfast together and remember why are you doing all that in the first place. That emotion will get you through the day.

Start Planning Months Ahead and Do It Slowly

Nothing is more stressful than trying to do it all and doing it all dangerously close to your deadline. Do not assume that all the shops will have all that you need when you need it. Do not assume that your favorite DJ and photographer will be available on a week or two notice. Plan everything ahead and it will all go smoothly. This will give you just enough time to truly figure out what is it that you really want.

Know Your Priorities

Not everything will be perfect. But there are those things that are more or less important for the both of you. For example, you can live without the perfect wedding venue, but you cannot imagine having a bad DJ. Therefore, think about your priorities and put them on a list. Take extra care about the things that stay with you and your guests after the wedding. This includes photos or your wedding invitation wording. This is what you come back to after a while, so it must be good.

Outsource Everything You Do Not Feel Like Doing

Once you attach the Pinterest with the wedding reception ideas, you will get a ton of amazing things thrown back at you. Some of them look perfect and easy to make, while others require a bit of a Martha Stuart skill. Choose what you like and what you feel will match your wedding theme. However, if you think about making that stuff and that seems like a total bore, just pay somebody who is better at it than you. This goes for everything that you do not want to be doing – just outsource it.

Setting the rules is a very touchy subject when it comes to weddings. Be kind, but be prepared to state your opinion in a respectful way. You can say no to the expensive stuff offered to you by your planners. A ‘no, thank you’ with a smile, will take you a long way. Also, your determination should go toward your guests, as well. If you do not want them to carry their cell phones – just kindly say so. While this is not always a pleasant thing to do, it saves you a lot of nerves on the wedding day itself.

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