The 2014 Spring/Summer D’S Damat Collection is a reflection of summers dynamism and glow and promises upmost influence on the modern males style!

D’S Damat’s 2014 Spring / Summer Collection is pioneering timeless style with its rich selection of outfit combinations and the seasons strongest fashion principles. Stylish suits which promise quality and comfort throughout the working day, ‘casual’ designs and ‘tuxedos’ for special occassions are combined with D’S Damat’s quality to meticulously fill your wardrobe…

D’S Damat, Spring / Summer season greets the season with trendy, stylish designs created for a broad spectrum of male physiques. The redefined ‘Classic’ selection, functional ‘Casual’, young/dynamic ‘TWN and ‘Ceremony’ will turn special days into unforgettable memories. These 4 different collections offer a broad variety of style and quality.

Modern Classic = D’S Damat Classic!

D’S Damat Classic is specially designed for the fast-paced working male, presenting quality and style in suits and formal wear. The new season comprises of dominant navy blues and tones of ink blue, extravagant ties, handkerchiefs and belts all of which come together to attain the perfect total-look. Aside navy blue, grey and black patterns also stand out in blazer/trouser combinations. The new season continues with perfect fit suits with a broad range of comfort cut options to ‘suit all body types’.

Blazer designs have incorporated cotton and linen fabric mixes with thin inner lining jackets, ideal for the summer season. Shirts are presented in sky blue and summer colours with cooling linen options. Earth tones, grey and indigo are dominant in cotton and wool trouser options. Patterned handkerchiefs, colourful ties and brown tones in shoes welcome a light and warm summer…

D’S Damat “Casual” Trend!

A summer tale revolves around comfortable designs and warm colours, innovative patterns and courageous colours for men to select from. Bright yellows, fuschias, lime greens form the main body of the collection; floral prints are dominant patterns. Hawaiian prints are found on collar details and at times on pocket details of t-shirts and shorts – both of which will prove to be one of the seasons hottest trends.

Washable, soft touche jackets are detailed with pocket emblems and warm coloured washed shirts are all present in cotton and linen alternatives.

A mans passion for sun and sea has found life in the marine collection this season. Light, washed shirts are detailed with marine motifs and symbols and can be combined with washed-effect jeans. The collection colour palette starts with reds and navy’s and is given depth with earthy beige tones and greens. The summer breeze is felt with light shawls, colourful handkerchiefs and belts in the accessories range.

Minimal Chic: “TWN”

The TWN collection reflects D’S Damat’s young and energetic side with perfect fit cuts and an innovative and modern take on fashion. TWN is a pioneer in the new season allowing for metropolitan males to stand tall in statement looks.

Change is to be seen in the wardrobe of the stylish man this season!. Amongst summers favourite pieces are the newest tones of blue in suits and thin collar shirts! Blazer jackets have been redefined with ‘Indigo Camouflage’ and colourful designs of handkerchiefs and inner linings. Patterned formal suits and linen fibres stand out this collection along with wash-effect designs for males who seek day—long comfort. T-shirts are complete with denim collar details and colour effects.TWN males have a vast array of trouser colour alternatives to select from; turquoise to red, green to royal blue. The prime summertime paisley pattern and floral prints are our favourite!. The TWN collection sees mini shirt collars, different t-shirts and continues to provide pattern and colour alternatives for males who seek to feel unique in every sense.

D’S Damat Collection – D’S Damat Ceremony for your unforgettable moments!

D’S Damat Ceremony, presents the perfect alternatives for ‘special unforgettable occasions’ with its 2014 Summer collection. The ‘Ceremony’ collection will have your style speak at all special occassion invites and events. Black meets ivory and royal blue in some combinations. Navy blue takes its place as the statement colour of the season. Shirts with different collar alternatives are presented with unique design buttons.

Pleated, black pipe detailed, classic collared and special fabric options are presented for shirts and continues to offer freedom of choice in the range. Collar, bowtie, waistband and waistcoat details add richness to the collection with the shine of patent shoes completing the look. Brides will be jelous of the collection that awaits you, gentleman.

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