Ten great ways to propose your love for the wedding

Ten great ways to propose your love for the wedding

How amazing it is when you find out that you are in love with someone. It is the best moment when you find your perfect one with whom you can spend the rest of your life. When you know that you love someone, you get curious to learn about their feelings, too, whether they also feel the same for you. Waiting becomes the most challenging task. Everything becomes dull until you get to know. The only way to understand their feelings for you is to express them first what you feel for them. At that moment, you might be looking out for some of the great ways to propose to your girl. No worries. We are here to advise you in every manner concerning your proposal. We understand how important it is for you, and consequently, we have shortlisted some of the great ways to propose for you.

Great ways to propose 

Before proposing to her, think about her likes and dislikes. She will love such a proposal which will take into notice her likes and dislikes. You can ask her indirect ways about her favorite dish or anything of the sort and include it in your proposal.

Public proposal ideas are also great. Proposing to your girl in front of everyone means a lot. Anyone can propose in a closed room, but it requires a daring person to propose in public. For this, you need to find a perfect place where you can propose to her. You can choose the places like a famous bridge, cafe or a park.

Along with this, get a group of singers for a small performance there. She will love this way of yours and will say yes. You can also record this real moment of yours to make it extra special and to preserve the memories with you forever.

Thirdly you can opt for the treasure hunt. Both of you can go to some treasure hunt together. Make sure to get it customized a bit according to your plan. Like you can include some clues in the search which indicates the wedding. She will relate to them and also understand what you mean to say. On arriving at the final destination, you can go on your knees and pop your question- will you marry me? You can also support this idea of yours with a storybook. You can give her an excellent love storybook.

Vacation is always on everyone’s cards. Everyone plans a place where they want to go once in their life. Keeping this in mind, you can plan a romantic getaway for both of you. It will be an incredibly romantic idea. You can propose to her on the flight only with some gift in hand between your travel. To make it extra special and unique, you can ask the flight authorities to announce on your behalf to propose to her. She will cherish it forever in her mind and will say yes to you.

If she loves hiking, then that will work wonders for you. You can take her on a trek and propose to her there. On reaching the topmost point of the mountain, you can go ahead with your proposal. Shout it there how much you love her. It is the best way to communicate your feelings to your love.

You can also involve your family and friends in your proposal plan. Get customized t-shirts for everyone in the family with the alphabet- will you marry me? And propose to her.

Another great way to propose to her is to get her to her all-time favorite ice cream parlor. Before she comes, ask the ice cream parlor staff to write on the ice cream- will you be fine forever? It will be such a cute proposal to her.

National television can also be the right choice if you have the means to get it. It is a bit filmy, but your girl will love it. It requires extreme guts to propose to someone on national television in front of anyone. She will get to know how much you love her with this proposal idea of yours.

What if you propose to her in a theatre? You must be aware that theatres play numerous advertising ads before playing the movie. You can ask the authorities to play on-screen that you love her and want to marry her. She will never forget this proposal of yours.

You can also plan a kite flying competition. Amidst the competition, you can write on the kite with large words- will you grow old with me? She will get surprised by this. Along with this, you can give her a card to say that you love her.


Proposing someone is a huge thing, making sure to make it extra special with some great ways to propose. You can take an idea from the methods mentioned above and begin your journey of love.

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