7 Gorgeous Plus-Size Wedding Dresses for 2022

7 Gorgeous Plus-Size Wedding Dresses for 2022

7 Gorgeous Plus-Size Wedding Dresses for 2022


Gorgeous, gorgeous girls get their beautiful wedding dresses at Olivia Bottega, that is a fact. We create the most ravishing, wild, and beautiful wedding dresses you have ever seen on the market because we do understand what a treasure it is to get married in your dream dress, and we do everything possible to make sure that the dress you get is the one you have been dreaming of wildly.

Or plus size beautiful brides can be sure to get their perfect dream dress too because we do know how challenging it may be oftentimes to get the wedding dress that fits right on your chest and waist and even hips too because all of the bodies are unique and you can never guess the right size if let’s say your body measurements are different from the ‘basics’.

We are very far from the basics idea because we offer customization service to any dress, if you need it a little bit bigger for your beauty and maybe a little bit tighter on your waist. Plus size bridal gowns can be made of any material and design too, whether you wish for your dress to be a sheath skin-tight mini length, or a full blast princess gown with a very long train, decorated with 3d lace and sequins, mermaid cut, strapless top or bohemian.

It only depends on what design you want and what way you wish to look, romantic, royal, classic, lightweight, or luxurious. We create all of our dresses in all the sizes available, even if it isn’t fitting into any known size line. Get wild with our fabrics choices and sparkly levels, because in our dresses you will be ready to shine and glisten all day and night long.

1. Glitter Wedding Dress Heist

Glitter Wedding Dress Heist

2. Crepe Wedding Dress Jessica

Crepe Wedding Dress Jessica

3. Lace A-line Wedding Dress Enn

Lace A-line Wedding Dress Enn

4. Sparkly Wedding Dress Miranda

Sparkly Wedding Dress Miranda

5. Short Sparkly Wedding Dress Milana

Short Sparkly Wedding Dress Milana

6. Shiny Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Klouzi

Shiny Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Klouzi

7. Organza Wedding Dress Tayra

Organza Wedding Dress Tayra

Choosing a wedding dress in plus size can be a tough task because most brands create dresses in small sizes or follow basic size charts. At Olivia Bottega, we do everything we can to make sure not to follow any sizes, but to customize each and every dress after specific brides, because we are all unique and different. Wide choices of top luxurious fabrics mixed with different silhouettes and designer lookout are absolutely worth it to get your perfect plus-size bridal gown with us.

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