PEARL FALCO Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

PEARL FALCO Ties that Bind

PEARL FALCO Spring/Summer 2021 Collection – Ties that Bind

PEARL FALCO outdoes itself this summer with a versatile yet timeless collection of pieces that reflect the brand’s commitment to showcasing familial love. Titled ‘Ties that Bind‘, the Spring/Summer 2021 collection showcases the beauty of Ise Shima, paying homage to the summery feels of a rustic countryside.

Inspired by the radiance of sunshine, the artful and delicate pieces in this collection bring out the individuality of the wearer and yet versatile enough to act as stunning heirlooms. A unique combination of sensibility and brilliance, the collection is a subtle, yet impactful exploration of fine pearls spanning over two themes that celebrate the radiance of summer days, ‘Bloom From Within‘ and the tranquility of the night skies, ‘Starry Nights‘.

PEARL FALCO Spring/Summer 2021 Collection


Inspired by the promise of rejuvenation and moving further away from convention, the Bloom From Within collection is the perfect commemoration of summer. As a reminder of the intensity and beauty of a flower field, these pieces weave together the beauty of pearls and florals to radiate beauty and warmth.

Embodying perfection with subtlety, the singular natural element in these pieces act as a reminder that growth is just around the corner while remaining anchored to classic, larger round pearls that are as glistening as brilliant.


Elegantly subversive and capturing the true essence of the women pearl farmers in Ise Shima, the Starry Nights collection is a celebration of aspirations, dreams and hopes. As a representation of femininity, malleability and timelessness, the pearls gracefully dangle to create a sophisticated and unique drape that mirror the beauty of the sky when stars are scattered.

Showcasing the beauty of Ise Shima’s natural elements, this collection illuminates the beauty of an intense night sky, inviting the wearer to dream and hope. Pair them with a little black dress or a halter top for that perfect summer party and be assured that all eyes will be on you.

PEARL FALCO Ties that Bind

The Spring/ Summer 2021 Collection will be available at the Pearl FALCO showroom located at 33 Mohamed Sultan Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238977.

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