A Detailed Know-How into Digital Wedding Invites

A Detailed Know-How into Digital Wedding Invites 

 In an era of everything digital, wedding invites going digital isn’t a surprise. Weddings are embracing digital technologies be it planning an entire wedding online from the comfort of home, sending out digital wedding invites to actually hosting them online. The wedding planning process is long and cumbersome. While you are planning the wedding, it’s imperative that your guests are informed when the wedding is scheduled to happen. Here’s exactly where digital invites can help you announce your wedding.   

Not arguing the fact that printed wedding invites have a different charm when you hold them in your hands and send them out it’s definitely a different vibe. But here’s what digital wedding invites can do for you. 

  1. Announce your wedding date.   
  2. Share your cute love story. 
  3. Location guide  to your venue  
  4. Include as much information as you like. 
  5. No postage is required. 
  6. No need for a printer. 

All this and much more from the comfort of your home all you need is an internet connection and your computer.  An easy, viable, and eco-friendly way to create and send out and even receive invites over the internet. Digital wedding invitations are known by different terminologies across the world the popular terms used are e-invites, digital invites, e-cards, WhatsApp Wedding Invite & digital invite. Not only are they known by different names, but they are also available in different formats. Before we dig dipper into details here’s a brief of all options you have when it comes to formats. 


Image-Based Wedding Invites 

PDF Wedding Invites 

Video Wedding Invites in MP4, M4V  

Wedding Invitation Websites  

GIF Invites 

Chat-Based Invites 

Static Image-Based Digital Wedding Invites 

It’s said wedding invites are an outlook on what and how the wedding will look like; after all, they give out the first impression of the wedding. Invites that are shared as an Image in formats like JPEG or PNG are Image-based Digital wedding invites.  They are most commonly used as Save-the-date e-cards. If you have a wedding date decided and are yet to figure out other details, these Save the Date e-cards come in handy.  

A Detailed Know-How into Digital Wedding Invites

Send out an image with just the details and you can add interesting graphics to let the guests know the wedding date.  You can also make an entire wedding invite in this format and send it out to guests. There are quite a number of websites that offer online wedding invitation maker tools where you can design your wedding e-card absolutely free.  

PDF Based Digital Wedding Invites 

If you have weddings with multiple functions and events then opt for PDF Wedding Invitations. PDFs give you the liberty of spreading the information across pages and you can include as much information as you like. Incorporate Google maps link to your venue, live wedding streaming itinerary plans, wardrobe planner, and other important information in PDF. 

Free Wedding Websites for Digital Invites 

How about having a full wedding website as your wedding invite? Fret Not! You don’t need to be a techie to have one.  Websites curated especially for wedding invitations are known as wedsites.  They come with an option of RSVP too so you don’t need to wait for days for an RSVP, nor do guests have the hassle to post out RSVP to you with a click all is done.   


You can include maps, add your pictures from pre-wedding shoots, and suggest recommended places to stay and whatnot when it comes to websites. Wedding Invitation Websites are loaded with features and all you need to do is share the link via text or email to your guests. Wedsites are easily available free of cost online with certain features and if you want a fully custom one, well you can have them designed online from the same websites as per your requirement. 

PDF Based Digital Wedding Invites

GIF’ Based Digital Wedding Invites 

Who doesn’t love GIF’s they spark conversations like no other, well you can design your wedding invites in GIF formats add a little quirk to your invite and they are good to go.  Remember, GIFs are meant to be short and to the point, so you can either use them as Save the date e-card or only for invites that have little information. 


Chat-Based Digital  Wedding Invites 

Chat-based invites aren’t as popular as others but they are the most engaging. Chat-based invites make use of chatbots for inviting and engaging the guests. Have a pre-set of questions that you think guests may have for you and let the chatbots answer them for you. This certainly requires tech experience but no worry you can always hire an expert who can do it for you or use online invitation vendors who specialize in chatbot invites such as TARS Invitations. 


Wedding Video Invites 

Video Invites are the most innovative Digital Wedding Invitations. Videos keep the guests engaged for a longer time and you can put your quirky ideas to good use. Had an awesome pre-wedding shoot use the pictures to incorporate in your wedding invite or why not use the video shoot as an invite, the latest being caricature-based video invites.  

Get your digital avatar designed and watch your avatar depict your cute love story to your guests along with sharing the details for the wedding.  Video Invites have a lot to offer in terms of creativity and use.   

These are the varied options Digital Wedding Invitations have to offer. Choose what interests you, all of them can be shared through WhatsApp, Facebook Messengers, Emails, and other chat-based messaging options. They can be easily designed and ordered online from anywhere across the world. 

You can get your invites designed from your favorite portal or shop without being physically present at the shop. All you need is an internet connection for having the wedding invite.  Want to be a little can be a little OTT?  Send some countdown to wedding e-cards too. 

Here are a few recommendations for online wedding invitation websites where you can create and design your Invites. 

  1. Wish N Wed   
  2. Canva 
  3. Green Envelope 
  4. The Knot  


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