A look at the importance of a wedding invitations for wedding preparations.

Wedding Invitations

Whilst wedding invitations might seem a small part of the overall wedding preparations, they are actually of key importance. It is via the wedding invitations that the bride and groom communicate their intentions and make sure that others know the plans for this most special of days.

The best wedding plans in the world can go awry if they are not adequately communicated to the guests. As a result, there are a number of key points that should be covered on the wedding invites. Whilst some of them may seem trivial, it is worth remembering that for at least some of the guests, the information contained on the wedding invitation may be the only information they have about the event and the expectations.

One of the most important things to include on the wedding invitation is the date, time and location of the ceremony. After all, no one wants their guests to turn up late, get lost en route or arrive on the entirely the wrong day. If the location of the ceremony is difficult to find, it is worth including a map with key landmarks to assist navigation. If parking spaces are limited it is also worth including information about the best places to park.

The location and time of the reception party should also be stated on the wedding invitation. Where the reception will take place in a different venue to the ceremony, it is useful to give details of the distance between the two. This prevents people from assuming that they can walk between the two if they cannot, or alternatively, to make arrangements to park at one venue or the other if they are close by.

The format of the ceremony should also be evident from the wedding invitations. The atmosphere of the event should be apparent: whether it is a casual or more formal affair; what the appropriate attire is. It should also be clear what refreshments will be on offer. No one wants their guests to have eaten a large lunch before the ceremony if a sumptuous meal will be provided late afternoon.

Where guests will be attending who are not from the locality in which the wedding is taking place, details of nearby guest houses, B&Bs and hotels should also be included, suitable for varying budgets. This makes it easier for guests to make arrangements and to meet up with others.

To ensure that confirmation of whether those invited will be attending, the wedding invitations should also request that guests RSVP and give details of who they should respond to. Details of any special dietary requirements should also be requested to avoid any embarrassment on the day.

Once the detail of what should be included on the wedding invitation has been agreed, the next step is to choose the invitations or cards. These can be commissioned or greeting cards companies such as Hallmark Cards offer standard cards that can be personalised with the specifics of your special day. Finally, it goes without saying that the wedding invitations should be sent out in plenty of time. After all the effort and expense involved in organising a wedding, no one wants a shortage of guests due to lack of notice!

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