New luxury resort wear brand inspired by Indian bridal wear

New luxury resort wear brand

A new luxury resort wear brand inspired by Indian bridal wear

Sugar Sand, a new luxury resort wear brand that combines the beauty and intricacy of Indian sequined and embroidered trims with dresses designed along clean, contemporary lines, has just been launched.

Designer Deborah Mistry launched the line after being inspired by the current trend in Indian bridal wear for white and pastel fabrics with gold and silver embellishments. She says, “I wanted to bring a touch of this opulence to more casual styles that could be worn on holiday both in the daytime and in the evening. The Sugar Sand brand is about simple elegance with beautiful, eye-catching details.

The beautiful bespoke embroidered trims subtly frame necklines and sleeves, while ties are finished with handmade pearl drops like those worn on sari blouses. The result is a uniquely elegant interpretation of the ‘East Meets West’ style. 

A former travel writer, Deborah has named each of the five styles after her favorite destinations; Jaipur, Alleppey, Ile de Re, Delphi, and Koufonissia. She is currently developing new styles, including skirt and top sets inspired by Indian lehengas, which will be added to the collection over the summer. 

Sustainability is key to the brand’s ethos and all the styles are made to order in London. This reduces the carbon footprint of each dress and means that resources are not wasted on producing pieces that may never be sold. “Dresses take a few weeks to be made but this only makes them feel more special and the idea is that you can book your holiday and order your dress at the same time,” Deborah says. 

Source: Sugar Sand Resortwear

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