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Pocket Wedding Planners

Pocket Wedding Planners: Android Apps to Smooth Out That Special Day

Everyone knows how frustrating planning a wedding can be: there’s the guest list, finding the right venue, hiring a great catering service…it can all be too much. But don’t let the stress of wedding planning ruin your beautiful day.


Use modern technology to make everything a little more simple.


In today’s constantly connected world, wedding planning can be easier than ever if you know what you’re doing. There are applications for just about every aspect of wedding planning that work on your Android-enabled devices, so you can stay up to date and ahead of the game. Here are a few apps that can help make your special day easier to achieve.


Getting Organized

You have flowers to choose from, a guest list to whittle down, meetings to get to, and five venues that are perfect. How do you keep track of everything?

Fortunately, there are several apps that can help you stay organized. One of the best organizational apps out there is Evernote. There is a paid version, but the free version works wonderfully as well. You can use it to make lists, take notes, save articles and reviews you find on the web, and more. Not only does Evernote work across all of your devices, but you can also share folders and notes with your friends and family so they can keep up and offer their advice — if you want it, that is!

Wedding Planners
Everyone knows how frustrating planning a wedding can be: there’s the guest list, finding the right venue, hiring a great catering service…it can all be too much.

Staying in Touch

Planning a wedding can seem like an endless game of phone tag between your planner, your wedding party, and your friends and family. GroupMe is a great way to design specific lists of contacts and easily stay in touch.

You can use the app to send personal messages or group chats. It also has a feature that lets you create contact groups, so you can have one that is just for your parents and wedding planner, one for the groomsmen and bridesmaids only, or one that includes just your side of the family.

There are plenty of other messaging apps out there, so shop around for one that suits you best. After all, great communication is the secret to a successful marriage, so why not start early?


Staying Ahead of the Weather

No one knows what will happen next week, but there are apps that can give you a good idea, and one of the most pressing concerns — especially for an outside venue — is the weather.

This Android weather app is a great way to stay current on the weather so you can make alternate arrangements if it looks like trouble is on the horizon. Weather Live is a free application that has a great layout with information at your fingertips. It displays moving images of the current weather, overlaid with vital stats like temperature and seven-day forecast. It also has a radar so you can see the weather in real-time.

Don’t let the stress of planning a wedding overwhelm you. Stay informed and organized with these Android apps and your planning will go a lot more smoothly.

This is a guest article written by Melissa Sharpe. Mel is recently married and the queen of planning, having successfully pulled off her own wedding with just 2months notice due to a cancellation at her dream wedding venue.

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