How To Make Your Wedding Memorable With Personalized Wine Glasses

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable With Personalized Wine Glasses

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable With Personalized Wine Glasses

Weddings are a big moment of the life of a couple and both the bride and the groom try to freeze every moment they wish to cherish forever. While pictures and videos are the traditional tool for achieving the purpose, people are coming up with more unique and special ways of having a personalized memory. As a memorial of the special day, people have started getting wedding wine glasses engraved with a personalized message or image. Well, undoubtedly, it is a creative way to cherish the wedding day and celebrate togetherness with an item that is commemorative of the special day. Moreover, they also make for a unique and sweet gifting option for a newly married couple.

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable With Personalized Wine Glasses
Personalized Wine Glasses

Unique Engraving Ideas for Wine Glasses

There are various engraving options, which you can choose to get your wedding wine glass personalized. There are the top engraving ideas:

  1. Monogram

Getting a monogram etched on a wine glass is a classic gift for a couple for their wedding. It would be a lovely symbol of the new chapter of their lives and help them remind the sweet memories of their wedding day.


For a more witty and different gift, you may get a quote engraved on the wine glasses. The quotes may either be sweet one-liner about marriage or you may go to the funny way and get silly and clever quote etched on the glasses to make the couple chuckle every time they see the glass.

  1. Commemorative

If you just wish to celebrate the wedding day and celebrate its significance, then getting a typical commemorative wine glass is the best option. You can get the name of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding date etched on the glass. This particular option would have a special meaning and have an emotional bond as a sentiment attached to it.

How to Find an Optimal Engraving Company

After selecting the type of engraving you wish to get, it is essential that you hire a reputable and experienced company or professional for getting the job done. Other factors that you should consider include the following:

  • Ensure that the company uses only restaurant-quality tall wine glasses for the same to ensure quality printing and long-lasting product.
  • An optimal company should have the provision of providing engraving for a pair of wine glasses, as well as for bulk orders.
  • The company should also not charge any set up costs or a fixed price on a minimum quantity of order.
  • While you may give your own personalized design idea, the company should ideally have the provision of providing you with a sample template, which you can further customize according to your requirements.
  • The engraving professional should be well experienced at the task, as a novice can lead to inefficient or low-quality work.

These are some of the tips, which can help you get a unique and suitable wedding memorial either for yourself or as a gifting option for the attendees. Since this is a popular concept, you may either take references from your friends or colleagues or simply search online to find the printing companies or professionals available around your area for the same. While searching online, you may refer to forums dedicated to discussions on such services and check for the reviews of the companies that you find suitable. The reviews provided by their previous customers online or on their official website would ensure their credibility and quality of the service. Thus, get creative on your gifting options and choose a more personalized and memorable item for a loved one.

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