The Things You Should Pay Attention While Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Although choosing a wedding gown is a fun part of wedding preparations it can be difficult because a wedding dress that seems fantastic in the hanger may not look good on you. In addition to that each detail you take into consideration will help you to choose the right dress and feel special.

The first thing while choosing  your wedding gown is to decide your budget and make a market research. The prices of wedding gowns can be different from one city to another. On the other hand  spending all your money in one dress would be depressive.
After you become clear about your budget the next step is deciding the model of your wedding gown. First of all you should choose your gown according to your size and body shape. For buxom ladies strapless and underwired designs would be adviced. If you are too slim you can choose draped designs that will add you extra 1-1,5 cm. Ladies with wide hip can prefer crinoline dresses to avoid that problem and should stay away from the mermaid dresses that tightly covered the hip.

Your hight is an issue while deciding your wedding dress. If you are short you should wear high heel shoes and stay away from the crinoline dresses to look taller. Mermaid dresses make you look taller on the other hand crinoline dresses make you look shorter than you already are. If your upper body id shorter you can use a bustier to make up the difference.
Also you should think about the wedding place while deciding your wedding dress. You should choose a dress suitable to your wedding theme and place. There is a huge difference between a pool side wedding and a pavilion or palace wedding. If the wedding is going to be in a pavilion, palace or a mansion you should wear a gown with Ottoman figures. If it is going to be a countryside wedding you can support your dress with small flowers. A tiara with small flowers, a bouquet with colourful flowers or maybe some tiny flowers on the hem of the dress would be more coherent with the concept.
Finally if we talk about how long will it take your wedding dress to be ready; a tailor made wedding dress can take approximately 2-2.5 months long to be prepared. And ofcourse you will make a search before that so you should take care of your wedding gown 3 months before the wedding day. If you want to have the dress in your dream, you shouldn’t  do it in the last minute

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