Miley Garth's Destination Wedding Journey with Magic Day

Miley Garth’s Destination Wedding Journey with Magic Day

From New York to the French Riviera: Miley Garth’s Destination Wedding Journey with Magic Day

The French Riviera, a beautiful stretch of coastline in the South of France, has been a dream destination for many couples looking to tie the knot. With its stunning beaches, picturesque towns, and fantastic weather, it’s no wonder that brides and grooms from all over the world are drawn to this captivating region. Miley Garth, a bride-to-be from New York, is currently planning her wedding in the French Riviera with the help of Magic Day, a renowned French event planning company. We caught up with Miley to get an insight into her experience and the process of planning a wedding from thousands of miles away.

French Riviera Wedding Inspiration

Miley shared her reasons for choosing the French Riviera for her big day: “I’ve always been enchanted by the French Riviera – the beautiful blue sea, the luxurious lifestyle, and the amazing food. It’s a place where love and romance seem to be around every corner. When Greg, my fiancé, and I started discussing our wedding plans, the French Riviera was the first and only choice that felt perfect for us.

The Planning Process

Planning a wedding from New York is no small feat, especially when the location is on another continent. Miley explained how she tackled the challenges: “It was definitely a bit intimidating at first. However, after doing some research and speaking with friends who had destination weddings, we decided to hire Magic Day as our wedding planner. They’ve been absolutely amazing and have made the whole process so much easier.”

Magic Day’s Role

Magic Day is known for its exceptional destination wedding planning services, and Miley couldn’t be happier with their support. “From the very beginning, our planner has been incredibly attentive to our needs and preferences. They’ve helped us find the perfect venue, caterer, florist, and more, all while keeping our budget in mind. It’s been a stress-free experience, and we’re confident that our big day will be everything we’ve dreamed of.”

Managing Expectations

Miley highlighted the importance of setting realistic expectations and being flexible when planning a destination wedding: “We understand that not all our friends and family will be able to make it to the French Riviera. It’s essential to be understanding and considerate of their situation. We’re planning a small celebration back in New York for those who can’t attend.”

The Big Day

As the wedding day approaches, Miley is filled with excitement and anticipation. “We can’t wait to exchange our vows surrounded by the beauty of the French Riviera. We feel so grateful to have found Magic Day – they’ve turned our dream wedding into a reality.


Miley Garth’s experience planning her destination wedding on the French Riviera with Magic Day is a testament to the magic of this enchanting region and the power of expert wedding planners. By being well-prepared, flexible, and having a reliable support system, it’s possible to bring your dream wedding to life, even from thousands of miles away.

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