top 5 cheap wedding favors you can use

Here are the top 5 cheap wedding favors you can use!

Running on a tight budget? Here are the top 5 cheap wedding favors you can use!


No wedding is ever complete without meaningful and pretty wedding favors. The bride and the groom spend countless nights deciding upon those perfect favors that can impress the guests completely. However, the point of concern that disturbs many couples is the budget. Weddings are already extravagant and lavish affairs. Decorations, catering, photoshoots, videography – there are so many things that add to the expense. Arranging the best wedding favors for the guests can further hike up your expenditure.

In case you are worrying too much about the burgeoning expenses, this article can be of great help to you, as we have curated a detailed list of the top 5 cheap wedding favors. You can easily get your hands on these party favors and impress your guests without disturbing your budget.

Top 5 party favors that fall well within your budget!

Magnets: Are you not into the creativity and DIY stuff? Then these magnets can be an amazing budget option for you. You can get your personalized magnets with all the details printed right and clear. Your friends and family will love to stick your wedding photographs on their refrigerators. They look quite pretty and handy. Also, they are not at all bulky and can be carried from one place to another comfortably, as they do not take up much space.



personalized magnets wedding photographs


Bookmarks: Try your hands on cute bookmarks. All those bibliophiles in your guest list will definitely rejoice and embrace your thoughtful efforts. Tag a heartfelt thank you message with the bookmarks, or you can get musical note bookmark favors for your guests as well. Every time while turning the pages of their favorite book, they will remember their favorite couple as well. These bookmarks are available at reasonable prices easily.

thank you message with the bookmarks


Teabags: Get yourself tea bags in bulk, and then unleash your creative side. Use loads of pretty labels, glassine envelopes, and twine to turn your simple tea bags into elegant tea bag favors. Your friends and relatives will remember all the wedding festivities and shenanigans each time they take a sip of the simmering hot tea. Imagine how much you can save on yourwedding expenses just by being a tad bit extra creative with the tea bags!

extra creative with the tea bags
cheap wedding favors – the tea bags

Personalized matches: Old school matchboxes not just look pretty and cute but also help you save a great deal on your money. Personalized matchbox sets can be a great option to impress your guests on a minimum budget. All your male friends, brothers, cousins will definitely love these matches. They are an absolutely cheap and pocket-friendly option for you. You can get your personal details printed on these cute and colorful matchboxes. The boxes look exceedingly attractive and colorful and carry your details beautifully.

Personalized matches


Coasters: Coasters are one of the prettiest return gifts that you can get your hands on. They come quite handy and useful and also feel light on your pocket. The best part is that you can get your details quite easily on the coasters. They look quite attractive and add a splash of color to your table.

cheap wedding favors – Coasters

Now that you know the top 5 ideas for cheap party favors, you must be wondering where to get all these flattering yet inexpensive wedding party favors. Fret not as BestPriceFavors is the ultimate online portal where you can get all these amazing return gifts for your guests. They always deal in premium quality party favors and keep the charges reasonable and feasible. Browse through their huge collection of marriage favors and choose the ones which meet your budget as well as expectation.

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