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The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

With tons of wedding inspirations online, it’s now possible to create the exact wedding that you want! From the flowers in your bouquet to the decorations on the reception table, you can now Google everything to find out what they specifically are and where to find them.

The bad news is, finding everything that you want is only a little percentage in the great ordeal of wedding planning.

The real work begins when you try to turn your research into a reality, which entails a lot of decisions to make and so much money to spend.

If you’re going for a bespoke wedding which is the highly-customized kind, you better do some stretching before you dive into a real battle.

What is a bespoke wedding?

The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

Bespoke, as pretty as it sounds, entails a great challenge and a longer period of planning.

It’s all about customizing your wedding down to the last detail which also means an extensive research, triple checking of every aspect, and choosing wedding suppliers one. by. one.

Sounds scary, right?

Well, you shouldn’t be scared. It’s a high-risk, high-reward kind of wedding that will turn your dream into a reality.

Imagine getting the photographer and videographer whose style fits your desires perfectly. Imagine your favorite flowers in your bouquet and your specific style of table arrangement for your reception. They are the rewards of planning a bespoke wedding.

The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

Some brides wouldn’t mind the long and extensive research process, the numerous meetings, and a one-year-long wedding planning only to achieve all these.

So if you’re the kind of bride who can take a leave from work for several months to plan a wedding or someone who has a healthy wedding fund, then by all means, go for a bespoke wedding!

But if you’re like most of the brides we’ve met, you might need a less stressful and more practical wedding framework that doesn’t require 99% attention.

Why is a Wedding Package Better?

The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

As wedding planners in Europe, we used to plan bespoke weddings. But with the outbreak of extreme busyness all over the world, more and more couples prefer to leave the choice of wedding suppliers to their planner.

No Endless Meetings

In so doing, they remove the burden of endless meetings and hands on arrangements. All they need to do is to select an off-the-shelf package that represents ready-made decisions on all aspects of a wedding.

All the Essentials are Included

A wedding package usually includes the important aspects like the caterer, the venue, hair and makeup, bouquet and boutonniere, lights and sounds, and the photographer. This means that the suppliers for these wedding essentials were already carefully pre-selected by the planner who offers the package.

One Decision for All

That’s one decision for all the wedding elements! Less time, less hassle, and zero research to be done. All you have to do is to pay for the package and wait for your big day to come. Talk about convenience!

A Perfect Balance

The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

But as planners for a destination wedding in Northern Ireland ,Ireland, Italy, France, and Germany, our years of experience taught us that there should be an element of customization in our package.

As a solution to the typical ‘straight outta factory’ wedding package, we’ve built up a large network of suppliers for venues, hair and makeup, flowers, photography, videography, and other wedding essentials so that we can choose from among several options for each wedding.

Our planning process also involves asking photos from the couple showing their preferences for the venue, bouquet, cake, and styling so we can choose the best suppliers for them.

The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings
The Advantages of Wedding Packages Compared to Bespoke Weddings

We also let the celebrant contact the couple so they can work together to create the best ceremony outline.

But most especially, we let the couples customize the wedding package that we offer so they can remove an element that they don’t like and replace it with another that they consider more important. They can also add as many elements as they want to make their big day reflective of their desires.

We believe that this is the perfect balance between a tedious bespoke wedding and a plain wedding package. We give the couples an option to assert their preferences on some or all the wedding elements included in the package or to entirely leave the choice to us.

Even if they choose the latter, our strong network of experienced suppliers will do their best to have the best ceremony and reception for the wedding.

This way, couples won’t be getting a plain off-the-shelf package, but they will be able to incorporate their personality and preferences on the most special day of their lives if they want to.

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