International Jewelry Expo

The Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017 (SIJE)

Gemstones are the fascinating creations of nature. Every gem, perfect, imperfect or unusual, presents the cutter, the designer, the jeweler and the marketer a challenge to bring out the best in the gemstone and turn it into a thing of beauty to behold and to enjoy, gift wrapped in a story waiting to be told.

Every jeweller here at SIJE 2017 has worked tirelessly to present their pride and joy to the show’s visitors.

Today gemstones and jewelry creations continue to fascinate us and fill our hearts with desire. Visitors come here to SIJE from all over Asia to look for the latest in design, gemstones they desire or a piece of jewellery that speaks to them. We do not need very much to see how jewellery brings joy to every buyer. Just look at the happiness expressed by a woman who has just bought a
$200 ring and that of woman who acquired a million dollar ring. That look of joy is the same on both women. That is how jewellery moves us.

On the industry front, jewellery has been the most significant contributor to the global sales of personal accessories, largely driven by retail sales of fine jewellery which accounted for 87% of total jewellery sales in 2016. Jewellery growth has remained resilient in tough times, registering the fastest growth
within the personal accessories category in 2016. At the fastest growth rate of 10%, Asia Pacific remains a key growth region in the world for the industry. While China and India continue to account for a large proportion of the demand for jewellery in Asia Pacific, other emerging markets, in particular within Southeast Asia, have grown in importance.

SIJE has an important role for the industry in this region. It is a hub for fine jewelers and jewelry designers from around the globe to present their collections to a fast expanding Asian market.
May I wish the organisers and the exhibitors every success and all visitors and guests a wonderful experience and exquisite time shopping at SIJE 2017.

Source: The Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2017 – (SIJE)

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Nalini Naidu
mobile: +65 9633 3198

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