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Flowers for Hero Uncle on Navy’s Day

Flowers for Hero Uncle on Navy’s Day

Our uncle is the real U.S. here. He has been a Navy officer for many years and served in several military conflicts. Even though he has retired from the navy and came to groups with ordinary life in the country we never miss an opportunity to arrive at him and to listen to stories that relate to his services for the country. He also has been decorated and his medals are real pride for the whole of our family. Kids especially love to look at his uniform and be shown the photographs from his days at the service.

Our family never misses an opportunity to congratulate him on 27 October on the Navy’s Day. This was the case just recently when we thought how to do it. Usually, we sent a postcard to our uncle with a simple message from me and my brother but this year we came up with a better idea and decided to organize with www.vipiris.com flower delivery for him.

local florist

He came back to his own town and lives an ordinary life with his partner several hundred miles from us and in order to organize flower delivery for him me and my brother needed to apply for online services and find a local florist in the area.

What also was pretty significant is that we certainly needed to find a florist that can provide cheap same day flower delivery to his home address. We were not rich and my savings were not very substantial. I have already finished school and work in a cafe as waiter my brother also works but has the only part-time job so we really must have been on the budget. However, we already were the adults so buying something more serious than a postcard was a must thing.

I have to spend a couple of days looking for details, which online flower shop can offer us the best services and provide the best value for money. Eventually, I have found one. It had plenty of positive feedbacks from the other users and its prices were very attractive. The only thing that was left to do was to go throw terms and conditions policy to find out how much it will cost us to make the purchase delivered to his address. Thankfully he does not live too far away from the local flower shop and the charge was very much on the budget.

local florist

One of the bouquets really looked attractive to me it featured red carnations alongside with some red and white asters. Some seasonal greens were very complimentary to it and the whole gift would have looked fantastic if we went for it. The price was also very attractive as apparently, it was under special offer. The flowers were shown to my brother and despite the fact that he rather looked indifferent, he said that he likes it a lot. Boys are always the same. So we had approximately a day left until the Navy day was about to come.

I woke up very early and double checked what I was up to. Realizing that nothing has changed I came back to the computer and went to send flowers for my uncle. I added already chosen bouquet into the shopping cart and added a card with a warm message. The payment was the last thing that must have been done before I was about to order flowers on vipiris.com/usa and complete the deal. It went very swiftly as payment notification from my card arrived via the application on mobile phone.

It was a very pleasant and valuable experience for me. Our uncle was so happy that he could not resist saying plenty of warm words over the phone!

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