FAVORE will Share its Brand Power with New Entrepreneurs

FAVORE will Share its Brand Power with New Entrepreneurs

Great Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Step in the World of Fashion !

FAVORE , which is a long established brand in Istanbul Osmanbey, the heartland of fashion in Turkey, and is growing by renewing itself each season, is offering appealing collaboraitons to entrepreneurs and store owners who are looking for new business opportunities in the fashion world with the support of a reliable brand, according to demands from home and overseas. If you are at a location where FAVORE products can be marketed and there is not another store selling theses products in your area, you can also have a look at this cooperation opportunity.

FAVORE, which has always been sympathetic to product-based or ”corner” collaborations for the street or shopping center stores at convenient locations especially for target market of ”Couture” collection sales which is classified as luxury products, for the first time put ”Franchising” system on the agenda for the experienced entrepreneurs in the sector who want to open a new store with the support of a strong brand.

The entrepreneurs benefitting from this system which is a kind dealership that entitles francising within the framework of the protocol that the Parties agree on, instead of building a brand from scratch, will have a good start even in the markets with the most competitive conditions by taking advantage of corporate experience, brand popularity, design, production and promotion strength of FAVORE in addition, FAVORE will bring respectability and increase commercial credibility for entrepreneurs not only with its brand popularity in the market but its collections of high quality standards, which compete with the world podiums.

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At present, FAVORE, which exports a large portion of its production, meets its customers at exclusive points of sale across a wide geographical area stretching between Europe to the Middle East, with FAVORE COUTURE and Ready to Wear Collections which are designed and manufactured by its own production facilities. FAVORE with its innovative and pioneering identity, which is well known by the ‘evening dress‘ fashion sector, develops its manufacturing and design strength by the new investments every year, accordingly increases its brand value steadily.

For more information on the subject you can contact İlknur Gülbey from FAVORE marketing department.

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